Fingerprints discovered in 5,000-year-old pottery

Fingerprints were discovered on a pottery thought to be 5,000 years old at the Ness of Brodgar archaeological site in Scotland’s Orkeny Islands. It is estimated that the fingerprint revealed in the examinations made on the pottery photographed with RTI, a special imaging technique by Roy Towers, belongs to a potter. In their statement, archaeologists stated that they expect the gender and age of the potter to be revealed thanks to the fingerprint examinations.


“On a high-status site like Ness of Brodgar, it can be easy to forget the people behind this incredible complex with its beautiful buildings and fascinating artifacts,” said Nick Card, excavation director. But this discovery really brings these people into focus. “While finding fingerprints will not greatly affect our business, it gives us a very personal, poignant connection with the Neolithic Orkney people 5,000 years ago.”