Field Lavinia detected in Küre Mountains National Park

Ayhan ACAR/BARTIN, (DHA) | Monday, June 21, 2021 – 17:22 | Last Updated : 21 06 2021 – 17:24

In the Kure Mountains National Park, which covers an area of ​​37 thousand hectares in Kastamonu, the ‘field lavender flower’ was detected and recorded in the flora of Turkey.

In the ongoing fauna and flora studies in the Küre Mountains National Park, the ‘field lavender flower’ (knautia arvensis) was detected and recorded in the flora of Turkey by the Küre Mountains National Park Directorate in the Kerte location in the upper region of Pınarbaşı Valla Canyon in Kastamonu.

Bartın University Ulus Vocational School Forestry Program lecturer Dr. Bilge Tunçkol, the engineer of the Küre Mountains National Park Directorate, Hasan Yaşaacak, and Prof. from Düzce University, Faculty of Forestry. Dr. The scientific article prepared by Necmi Aksoy on the plant species was published in the Hungarian journal ‘Botanikai Közlemenyek’.

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Field lavender is used in floriculture with its dark blue flowers and elegant appearance. It has also been determined that field lavender, which has a wide distribution area in Europe, the Balkans, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia and Armenia, is also widespread in Turkey.

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