Facebook’s new target Clubhouse | NTV

In line with Mark Zuckerberg’s “copy if you can’t buy” word, Facebook has now set its sights on Clubhouse, the popular app of the last period.

According to the news in The Verge, social media giant Facebook started working on a service similar to Clubhouse.

There is no clear information yet on whether Facebook will integrate it into its existing platforms or design it as a separate application.

However, according to the news in the New York Times, Facebook’s senior executives asked their employees to develop a Clubhouse-like application known as ‘Fireside’ within the company.

Facebook has integrated many features into its own platforms, such as Stories from Snapchat and TikTok rival Reels, which was released last year.

Facebook is not the only company preparing to compete with the Clubhouse. He bought Breaker, a social media broadcasting company that focused on Twitter podcasts.

It has been spoken for a while that Twitter has been working hard on a service called Spaces, which will offer a clubhouse-like use.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, the Clubhouse application does not share videos and photos, and users can participate in chat rooms on topics that interest them and participate in discussions through voice interaction.

The application, whose popularity is increasing day by day, reached a market value of one billion dollars on January 21, 2021.