Facebook shook hands with India to buy

Technology giants continue to allocate different projects and budgets for renewable energy sources. In this context, social media giant Facebook made the first agreement for its project in the South Asian country.

The agreement with a local wind power company in India is part of a larger portfolio of wind and solar projects, where the 32-megawatt wind project, Facebook and Mumbai-based CleanMax are working together to provide renewable energy to India’s electricity grid.

Companies will work together and projects will be developed in line with environmental conditions.

Facebook’s head of renewable energy, Urvi Parekh, made a statement to Reuters. In the statement made, he said that the company does not own the power plants, but instead signed “long-term” electricity purchase agreements with the renewable energy company.

Subsequently, the International Energy Agency said last year that data centers running technology companies such as Facebook use 1 percent of the world’s total energy. Companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft continue to work for carbonless companies and offices.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that the company’s global operations are now fully powered by renewable energy and have reached net zero emissions.