Evidence from cases is analyzed in these labs

Evidence coming from prosecutors’ offices and courts in a sealed bag to the department within the body of the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) is opened by the officials. Biologists put samples taken from evidence such as bones, pieces of clothing and cigarette butts, which they examine with special methods, into small tubes. The DNA in the cell in the tube is being tried to be obtained by itself. This example is then replicated 1 billion 7 million times.

The replicated sample is taken to the DNA typing laboratory. It compares the results as a committee of experts and prepares its report.

If approved by the managers, the relevant report is sent to the judicial authorities requesting examination. Samples taken are not destroyed after the report. It is stored for the periods specified in the law to which ATK is bound and under appropriate conditions.

Samples are also used to identify disaster victims. In cases of determination of lineage, blood or swab samples are taken from people who are referred to the institution by court decision, and they are also used for comparison.

In order not to cause any doubt or confusion, no one except the personnel in charge can enter the laboratories with card system entrance. Each of the officers who take a blood sample, open the evidence bag or do the DNA typing work in separate stages. Different people can take part in each stage of a sample.

“We can study DNA from any sample that may be in the body”

Bestami Çolak, Head of Biology Specialization Department, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they carry out investigations such as genetic analysis from biological samples, paternity and maternity tests, lineage determination and phenotype determination from genotype, identification of samples from crime scene evidence and body swabs sent by prosecutors’ offices and courts.

Stating that they work on approximately 20 thousand files and more than 100 thousand samples per year as a unit, Çolak said, “Most of the 3rd page news in Turkey passes through these laboratories. Especially the explosions in the past regarding the identification of the victims of the disaster, the identification of the samples obtained within the scope of terrorist organization operations. “The study of various cases is done in these apartments. Biologically, we can study DNA from any sample that may be in the body. We work on whatever sample is taken from the person.” said.

Çolak stated that they have international accreditation and “ISO 17025” certificate and continued as follows:

“We need to specify which sample we are working with while carrying out the studies. If the person is directed here directly, we take an oral swab sample. Samples sent from his/her locality can usually be blood samples. In addition, bone, nail swab, nail, a blood stain found at the crime scene, and a sexual assault case belongs to the suspect It is possible for us to obtain a DNA sample from a sperm, hair and hair root that may have been found. Our laboratory has improved itself in this sense.”

Evidence is transferred to the network system

Çolak said that the samples coming to the institution were opened by a commission and that 3 experts were transferred from the place where they were, to a single goat. For example, it was determined whether it contained a biological material, and that they called this stage the “unpacking section”.

Colak, Head of the Biology Specialization Department, explained that the biological material was given to the DNA laboratory after its detection, and said:

“In these studies, different people do the opening process and different people do the laboratory examinations. Due to international accreditation and international DNA working rules, we work on the samples in different laboratories with different devices at different times. Evidence obtained from these studies is transferred to our own network system. Experts are at this stage. Until now, they do not participate in and see the work of these examples in any way. After this stage, the results are transferred to them from the network system. They see and compare the results from their own computers and report them. In the same way, the reports approved by these people and subsequently by the administrators are signed electronically and the National Judicial Network Project (UYAP). If you want to review the stages of investigations again and again later, all of them are recorded in the forensic laboratory operating system forever. Prosecutor’s offices and courts do not become a place for prosecution. For example, if they want to destroy it, we will keep it until then.”

“We can reveal the physical state of a person from genetics”

Stating that they reproduced the DNA obtained from the biological sample, Çolak stated that they visualized these samples in the laboratory.

Noting that, apart from routine examinations, they started to work on revealing the physical state of humans from genetics for the first time in Turkey last year. We have a device that we have brought to the agenda this year with the contributions of our state. If there is a suspect in routine investigations, you can compare a sample. We need a suspect in order for the DNA we obtain to be identified and make sense. Here we go to the next level. The physical characteristics of the person and which biogeographically, We can tell what origin it might have.” used the phrases.

Explaining the results of the examination on a sample in the new generation gene analyzer, Çolak continued as follows:

“The device currently gives hair and eye color, we can tell which biogeographical origin it has, such as American or Asian… It is very important in this sense: There is a judiciary that knows that the evidence obtained has these characteristics. The judiciary is tasked with combining these evidences. “We only have to shed light on this issue in the clearest way. We have taken it to a higher level. Studies on this are in progress. It is necessary to create a database. It is necessary to work on an example. We are still in a one-year study. We have a project that we can talk about more clearly in the future.” We will enter the process. The name of the machine is ‘New Generation Sequence System’. The same product is used in the world with this technology.”

Alcohol and volatile substance analyzes are carried out

In the Chemistry Specialization Department, which is the other unit of the Forensic Medicine Institute, analyzes of alcohol and drugs, drugs and volatile substances are carried out, and samples such as blood, urine, intraocular fluid and visceral fluid are studied.

Substances that are newly introduced to the market and whose content is not yet known are examined in a new generation drug analyzer and given a name. After the data in hand is shared with the relevant institutions, the blood samples sent to the office for judicial reasons are checked for the presence of new drugs.

The department, which also conducts investigations on the seized contraband liquor, subjects each substance to various tests.

İsmail Ateş, Head of the Specialization Department of Chemistry, said that they sent reports to the authorities regarding toxicological, narcotic and alcoholmetric analyzes in the samples sent by the court and the prosecutor’s office.

Stating that the names of the new substances coming to the narcotics branch are not known, and that they share the device data with all the group presidencies after naming them and doing the studies, Ateş said, “Then we continue our analysis. After determining the name of the first substance, we examine whether it is in the blood samples of the people. As a device difference. “When we look at it, we see that we are not behind and even one step ahead of our equivalent laboratories. When we talk to our colleagues at international meetings, we know that they do not have devices that we do not have, and that most of the devices we have are not available in laboratories.” said.

“The real cause of death is methyl alcohol poisoning”

Ateş stated that the substances in drinks are not things that can be detected by sight, taste or smell, and that these can be revealed by chemical tests.

In the studies on fake drinks, Ateş stated that they found that methyl alcohol was used instead of ethyl alcohol because it was much cheaper, and that this was the real reason for the deaths.

Underlining that people who produce drugs are usually one step ahead of those who analyze it, Ateş said, “They will produce a new substance that we will detect when it comes to our laboratory and start our analysis. We are one step behind them, just like the police are one step behind the criminals. We have to follow them. We have to follow them in a short time.” We are trying to detect and detect drugs in biological samples.” made its assessment.

Ateş added that studies on sewage flowing into the seas and harmful chemicals spilled on highways are mostly carried out in İSKİ laboratories affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and that these issues can come to them, albeit very rarely.