EU charges Apple against competition rules

At a press conference in Brussels, EU Commission Senior Vice President Margrethe Vestager announced that an official “statement of objection” was sent to Apple for violating competition rules.

Expressing that mobile devices and applications are a part of life today, Vestager said, “The number of these applications has increased, but there are only 2 main application stores, namely the App Store and Google Play.”

Vestager explained that applications can be downloaded to Apple devices from the App Store, and that Google Play is not an effective alternative for Apple device owners.

Noting that music apps had to go to the App Store to reach Apple users and accept the “rules” imposed by Apple on them, Vestager emphasized that Apple has a significant amount of market power and abuses its dominant position in the field of music data streaming applications.

Vestager recalled that Apple not only controls apps, but also competes with Apple Music that it owns with other similar apps.

Noting that Apple uses a mandatory system to purchase digital content, Vestager said, “Apple charges a 30 percent commission on all purchases in the system. This means music streaming providers cannot subscribe to Apple without paying.” said.

Vestager explained that they determined that the price in question was reflected on the users and increased the prices.

Stating that Apple rules limit music streaming providers, Vestager stated that music apps cannot inform users about cheaper alternatives.

Vestager explained that this is why Apple device users pay high prices for certain music services or cannot get subscriptions directly.

Reminding that Apple is competing with many applications through its own applications, Vestager stated that Apple rules increase the costs of its competitors and reduce their profit margins.

Vestager added that after this stage, Apple must respond to the EU Commission within 12 weeks.

The EU launched an investigation in June last year to determine whether Apple’s payment service and app store complied with the competition rules.

It had examined whether Apple’s App Store terms for app developers and the payment service Apple Pay terms violated EU competition rules.

The EU Commission has the authority to audit whether there is an anti-competitive situation in the sectors of companies operating in EU countries.

The Commission is considering whether there is an anticompetitive situation in these investigations.

If situations that would harm competition are detected, the EU Commission puts an end to this situation and imposes high fines on companies.