Emine Erdoğan awarded ROKETSAN a ‘Zero Waste Certificate’

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife, Emine Erdoğan, presented the Zero Waste Certificate to Faruk Yiğit, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, at a ceremony held at ROKETSAN’s facilities in Lalahan.

İsmail Demir, in his speech here, said that the Turkish defense industry has reached a position that the world follows with interest, with the breakthrough it has made in recent years.

Emphasizing that they are walking resolutely towards the “Global Power Turkey” vision goal, Demir said, “The Zero Waste Project, which was initiated under the leadership of Ms. Emine Erdoğan, with the aim of keeping waste under control and leaving a clean and developed Turkey to future generations, in order to act environmentally sensitive while proceeding in line with these goals Our Presidency and the defense industry ecosystem are determined to fully implement this issue, by supporting . said.

Expressing that one of the most important issues that will raise awareness within the scope of the project is the pioneering steps to be taken by the flagship companies, Demir congratulated the ROKETSAN family for their support in raising this awareness.

Demir stated that they fully believe that the defense industry ecosystem, which is the locomotive of the industry, will also be at the forefront of zero waste mobilization and that it will receive the Platinum Zero Waste Certificate, which is the highest level within the scope of the Zero Waste Regulation.

Explaining that the Presidency imposes various obligations on the main contractors in the projects and creates certain obligations in the selection of subcontractors, Demir said, “With EYDEP, we aim to launch competent companies in Turkey and become a global player. A part of this evaluation system will now be the level reached in the Zero Waste Project.” said.

İsmail Demir said that at the point where the Turkish defense industry has reached today, it produces a large part of its needs from ships to helicopters, from armored vehicles to unmanned aerial vehicles, from weapon systems to satellite studies, from air defense systems to electronic warfare.

Emphasis on women’s power

Stating that women, who play important roles in all areas of life, are among the most important actors in the defense industry’s march towards the goals of a fully independent Turkey, Demir made the following assessments:

“Our brave and self-confident women, who add value to our country with their services, make a name for themselves with their achievements that will set an example for all our women, guide the younger generations, stand firm in the face of threats to our future, are our most important assurance in our march to the future.

In the last 5 years, the number of employees in the defense industry has increased 4 times. Women account for 26 percent of this increase. Today, approximately 40 percent of our colleagues working in our Presidency are women. While the number of our employees in our Presidency has increased approximately 2 times in the last 5 years, the number of female personnel employed has increased at the same rate.”

Achievements with zero waste

ROKETSAN Chairman of the Board Faruk Yiğit also gave information about the waste management process and the steps they took towards zero waste generation.

Accordingly, in the process design phase, plans are made to reduce material and energy consumption in order to minimize waste generation and the impact on the environment.

Paper consumption is minimized through the use of software that completely digitizes paper-based processes, the execution of document sharing and approval processes through the electronic document management system, the use of common printers, and the card systems used in the printers.

In order to prevent food waste, leftover meals and unused bread at ROKETSAN are collected under appropriate conditions and delivered to animal shelters on a daily basis.

In order to prevent emissions from vehicles, personnel are encouraged to use bicycles for transportation within the facility.

With waste collection equipment placed at various points for the wastes generated within the facility, the separation of the wastes at the source is carried out effectively.

With the waste management process it carried out, ROKETSAN also managed to generate a total of 1 million TL revenue by separating 1 million 95 thousand 903 kilograms of waste per year in 2019 and 2020.

On the other hand, with the awareness and improvement works carried out within the scope of the Zero Waste Project, ROKETSAN has also achieved significant gains with the collection and recycling of wastes at the source. Only thanks to the management of paper waste, an average of 850 adult trees were saved annually, 205 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy were saved and 8 thousand 850 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions were prevented.