Elephants Are Following From Space, So How?

It is certain that elephants, whose natural habitats have been destroyed by humans, need help to preserve their decreasing numbers in the areas left to them. It is us who owe it to them.

Scientists working at the Oxford University WildCRU unit began counting elephants from space, taking advantage of technological advances. After shooting thanks to satellites hundreds of kilometers away from Earth, a newly developed algorithm is used to count the elephants in these photos.

Research began in South Africa’s Addo National Elephant Park with the aim of testing the technology. I can’t stop without adding my own opinion. We can teach a machine how to find an elephant, but somehow we still cannot teach people to leave those elephants alone.


It is said that the new technology, which has been used instead of the highly costly and time-consuming techniques used to date, is very fast and will work very well to prevent the decline of the elephant population. Again, I can’t stop sharing what’s on my mind; It would be good if it also helps catch poachers!

Millet is also the head of other endangered animals.

SourceSpace Mage Turkey