Electric mini vehicle hit the road in Izmir

increasing shared vehicle technologies around the world also sees interest in recent years in Turkey. Cars are also added to the sharing ecosystem, which is predominantly referred to as scooter type vehicles.

Technology company KODECO, which is working to develop electric mini vehicles for urban transportation technologies, also presented its vehicles that successfully passed the test processes to the users with the sharing system.

Developing an application called ZOOP for the use of vehicles, the company started to contribute to transportation with 5 vehicles in Mavişehir district in cooperation with Karşıyaka Municipality.

Some of his energy is from the sun

The key of the vehicle, which can travel about 100 kilometers on a single charge, is a mobile application called ZOOP downloaded over the internet. The door of the vehicle opens with this application. In the vehicle, which operates on the touch screen in the vehicle, the forward and reverse gears are also adjusted on this touch screen.

At least 1 year class B driving license is required for the use of vehicles with traffic records and license plates.

ZOOP is used for free as it has not yet been commercialized.

The vehicle with lithium-ion batteries can be charged with 220 volt currents, which are also used in homes, and it receives a significant part of its energy from the sun through the panels on it.

The vehicles with smart guide and navigation feature are suitable for use by 2 people.

“There were investors from abroad who also contacted us”

Kerem Odabaşı, Chairman of the Board of KODECO, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they are currently meeting with users with a small fleet of 5 vehicles, and that they aim to spread rapidly after the pilot.

Stating that citizens started to use the product as a part of their transportation needs, Odabaşı said, “There are people who see us on social media. There are those who reside in the region and draw their attention. There are people who see the vehicle as sympathetic and interested. They reach us and we make their membership, they use it. Free at the first stage. 45 per day. There is a minute limit. Also, as a team, we make improvements based on the experiences of the users. ” he spoke.

Zoop is that of spreading dreams to the world in general, Odabasi said they took the most exciting step in this journey, “a long-running announce our voice to the world, and this is his first step. We see here that demand. Turkey has interest from a number of points. abroad, There were investors who contacted us. ” said.

Turkey’s production in this area is very strong infrastructure pointing Odabasi, taking zoop investment cooperation between the vehicles mentioned that plans to produce quickly.

Pointing out that many people living in the Mavişehir area have made these vehicles a part of their daily life, Odabaşı said, “What excites us is that they have become a part of daily life. There are also those who leave their daughter to school, who go to the market and shop. ZOOP is a. the mobility solution, but not limited to this, because there is a significant transformation in automotive. used the expressions.

“I recommend it to friends”

ZOOP user Beliz Koçbay, 23, stated that she met the shared vehicle with the recommendation of a friend.

Emphasizing that the vehicle is very useful in traffic, especially for short distances, Koçbay explained that it provides great convenience in shopping thanks to its luggage.

Koçbay, “I do not have any problems in traffic. Because the car is small, you do not have parking problems. I also feel safe because it is like an automobile. I have recommended it to my friends because I like it.” he spoke.

Another user, Gazi Akkel, stated that he met ZOOP on social media. Speaking about his interest in shared vehicles, Akkel stated that he uses and recommends ZOOP due to its environmental friendliness.

Saying that he was taking his daughter to school and shopping with ZOOP, Akkel said, “Citizens who see them on the road look at the vehicle with a smile. They wonder if they stop on the road. The spread of such vehicles is very important for a greener world. used the expressions.