‘Effects of Kovid-19 are seen in the spread of the podcast’

Hac─▒ Bayram Veli University Radio, Television and Cinema Department Lecturer and Radio Young Communication Coordinator Aylin Atik Seyide noted that the Kovid-19 epidemic had an effect on the widespread use of “podcast”, which means “Digital Sound File”, which gradually increased in radio broadcasting.

“Podcast”, which means “Digital Sound File” in Turkish, has started to take its place as a term used in technology, publishing and social media in recent years.

Seyide, on the occasion of February 13, World Radio Day, made a statement to the AA reporter regarding the rapidly advancing podcast application in radio broadcasting, the technology manufacturer of the word “podcast” means “broadcasting” with “pod” of Apple’s registered brand that produces portable media player devices. He stated that the word broadcast “was created by combining the” cast “parts.

Stating that this word has taken its place as a term used in technology, publishing and social media, Seyide said that even though it seems like a branch of the podcast and radio, it is not only the radio broadcasters, but also everyone, every institution and organization by producing information, ideas or thoughts on any subject. He said that the sound recordings he published on the internet meant.

Seyide stated that in an article written by British technologist, publisher and system developer Ben Hammersley in 2004, he suggested using the name “podcasting” for this emerging technology and declared this name “Word of the Year” by the New Oxford American Dictionary in 2005. stated that it has been.

Stating that Apple added podcast support to the version of iTunes software released in the second half of 2005 by participating in this process, Seyide added that iTunes added the podcast tab on the interface used to buy and listen to music, as well as providing the opportunity to search between keywords and podcasts on topics they are interested in. told.

Emphasizing that with this development, the most listened and downloaded podcasts started to be listed on the interface and classified according to the themes they contain, Seyide stated that radios, televisions, agencies, some brands and companies have also stepped into the podcast publishing that gained momentum with this innovation of Apple.

Turkey has become one of the countries in 2020, showing an increase in podcast

Seyide, that undergo a process such as the US and the UK as 18-20 years of use podcasts in Turkey, especially in the last three years developing a new area that has attracted attention in Turkey.

Turkey in this area because it is new enough academic work can not be made yet about pointing Seyide, he said:

“According to the data of the podcast analysis company Chartable, interest in the podcast format has increased considerably in the world in 2020. More than 885 thousand new podcasts have been published worldwide. This figure attracted attention with three times the figures of 2019. shows that podcasts number of downloads percent of the 180 rises. this data comes in line with Turkey are among the countries showing the most increase in listening to podcasts in 2020. Running number increases, producing podcasts, content and publication rate has increased in our country as well as worldwide. according to the data, in terms of a podcast compared to the previous year, in 2020, the number of devices used in Turkey was observed 5 times more than growth. in our country and in the world in the upsurge, especially in 2020, this new publishing and relaxation rate, it is possible to say that effective Kovid-19 epidemic. “

“Podcast strong potential in Turkey”

Turkey podcasts system development with the participation of users over 12 years starting Podiolab of its efforts to “Podcast Listening Habits Survey” states that perform Seyide participants in the last 1-3 years, the range of 34.2 percent said it is listening regular podcast, so also when listening purposes asked He stated that 49.1% answered “to get new information”, 28.7% said “personal education”, 17.9% “follow daily news and developments”.

Seyide, “When we look at the age range of 25-34 years and 41.9 percent of the audience, we see that 29.5 percent of 18-24 year olds and 19.5 percent of the 35-44 age range. These data suggest Turkey as well as in the world It shows that there is a podcast medium with a strong potential in terms of both the audience and the content producer, and that its use and prevalence will continue to increase day by day. found the assessment.

“The role of the pandemic in the use of podcasts is great”

Stating that people who had to stay at home during the epidemic process, especially young people, have more opportunities to both follow this new channel and produce and publish content for these places, Seyide said, “ On the other hand, we can observe that the use of podcasts for educational and business purposes is increasing, which is the epidemic. The role of the process is great. ” said.

Seyide stated that podcast followers can listen to the episodes of the radio broadcasts or the audio file with the content they want whenever they want.

Stating that new postcast episodes can be easily accessed thanks to a paid or free subscription, and broadcasts can be listened to again, Seyide said podcasts are an opportunity for many people who want to make a radio program but have not achieved this dream.

Seyide emphasized that since there is no requirement to broadcast on a certain day and time of the week or to be recorded or act according to the flow, as in traditional radio, this new broadcasting offers more freedom in terms of content production, recording, workplace responsibility and rules.

“Live broadcast excitement and enthusiasm cannot be experienced in podcasts”

Seyide stated that besides the advantages of podcasts, there are also disadvantages compared to traditional radio, that no matter how carefully the content is prepared, if there is no clean sound recording, the rate of listening may decrease, and for this, a good microphone, a place free of sound and sound sources and a program to clean the bottom noise may be needed.

Seyide continued his words as follows:

“Most of the radio broadcasters reach their listeners through live broadcast. The excitement, enthusiasm and dynamism of live broadcast is indispensable for a broadcaster. The broadcaster’s instant decision-making and crisis management skills have developed. If we look at podcasts in terms of their contribution to radio broadcasts, radios broadcasting on the internet have difficulties in reaching people who will listen to them on the broadcast.At this point, podcasts offer the listeners their radio broadcasts and programs piece by piece, allowing them to listen to their programs whenever they want. they provide. “