Earth to witness ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ eclipse

The appearance of the “Super Moon”, known as the “flower” because it emerged in May, and the appearance called “Blood Moon” due to the red color of the Moon during the eclipse will emerge at the same time.

The celestial event called “Super Flower Blood Moon” will be the only full lunar eclipse this year.

“Blood Moon”

A total lunar eclipse occurs in the orbital position of the Earth entering between the Sun and the Moon, where the Moon is completely under the shadow of the Earth.

Since the sun’s rays are prevented from reaching the Moon in this position, the Moon is only illuminated by the light reflected from the Earth’s atmosphere with a blue filter and therefore takes on a red appearance. Astronomers call this state of the Moon “Blood Moon”.

“Super Moon”

On the other hand, the appearance of the Moon in its elliptical orbit around the Earth in the “peripheral” position where it is closest to the Earth is called “Super Moon”. This view describes a Full Moon state in which the Moon appears larger than usual.

“Flower Moon”

The term “Flower Moon” is used in the Northern Hemisphere to describe the full moons that appear in the spring season, when the flowers bloom, in May.

Tomorrow’s eclipse will make all these qualities of the moon visible at once. While people in different parts of the world watch the “Super Flower Moon” in the sky tomorrow, people living in the region from the west of America to the east of the Pacific will observe that the Moon is held in this position and takes on the appearance of “Blood Moon”.