Domestic robot ‘Göbeklitepe’ will support healthcare professionals

Vocational high school teachers and students in Şanlıurfa have developed a robot that measures the oxygen value in the blood with the pulse of the patient in order to contribute to the fight against the new type of corona virus (Covid-19).

The Urfa Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School team, which received degrees in many competitions, especially TEKNOFEST in 2019, started work to support healthcare professionals during the epidemic period.

The 8-person team consisting of the teachers and students of the school developed the robot named “Göbeklitepe”, which can be remotely controlled and measures the amount of oxygen in the blood with the pulse of the patient after approximately 2 months of work.


İsmail Öztoprak, the school’s director, stated that they developed a robot to maintain social distance between healthcare personnel and patients during the epidemic. Expressing that they will further develop the robot and aim to produce a robot that cleans the corona virus in the environment with their new project, Öztoprak said, “We want to show that we are with our healthcare personnel when the ant gets dark with our robot.” said.


Mechatronics Engineer Muhammed Said Çiçek, who taught at the school he graduated from, stated that as a team, they achieved significant success in the field of robotics.

Çiçek pointed out that they do not use a remote control on the robot and that every doctor and nurse can direct the device from their phone via bluetooth because the risk of contamination is high, and said, “The screen, camera, microphone, speaker on the robot have the opportunity to talk visually and audibly. Thanks to the robot, we measure the patient’s pulse and oxygen value in the blood. . ” said.

Expressing that they can also deliver medicines and food to patients through the robot, Çiçek said that they will deliver “Göbeklitepe” to the Health Directorate for use in the field.