‘Domestic medicine is about 6 times cheaper than imported medicine’

Olcay DÜZGÜN/KAYSERİ,(DHA) | Thursday, 08 July 2021 – 16:33 | Last Updated : 08 07 2021 – 16:33

Erciyes University (ERÜ) Good Clinical Research and Practice Center (İKUM) Deputy Director Dr. Referring to their study on the use of equivalent drugs, Ahmet İnal said, “When you use local medicine, we see that it is about 6 times cheaper than imported medicine. This is a very high figure for us. When you use local medicine, you both ensure that your money stays in your own country and you buy your local medicine. You’re using it,” he said.

IKUM Deputy Director Dr. Ahmet İnal talked about their studies on the use of equivalent drugs. Emphasizing the importance of using equivalent drugs, Dr. İnal said, “After a drug is placed on the market, its equivalent cannot be made for a certain period. After the patent protection period expires, an equivalent can be made. The equivalent value must be the same as the drug normally produced. In other words, when you go to the pharmacy, the drug that the pharmacist gives you as ‘equivalent’ It is a concept. Of course, it has to be shown scientifically. Of course, we carry out our studies with this weight. We also do phase studies here. Studies are also carried out on equivalent drugs for phase studies. The purpose of this is: equivalent drug costs less. Therefore, the price of the original is lowered. “The more equivalent it is, the lower the price of the original. Since it is exactly the same, there is no difference in effect,” he said.


Dr. Stating that they mainly work abroad at İKUM, İnal said, “Of course, there are domestic companies as well. We evaluate the rate of blood penetration in a single dose of the drug they bring to foreign and domestic companies. If the blood penetration rates are equal to a certain level, the ministries of the relevant country approve. “We have done about 1300 clinical studies in this area. That is to say, the equivalent of 1300 drugs were made in this clinic. This is actually a very large number. There are many countries, from South Korea to Argentina. The important thing here is The following is this: not every country comes to every clinic. They expect that clinic to have foreign inspections. If those inspections are done, they will do these studies. Therefore, since our inspections are done very often, they can have various studies done here,” he said.


Dr. İnal continued with:

“We say to use both equivalent and local medicine. When you use local medicine, we see that it is about 6 times cheaper than imported medicine. This is a very high figure for us. When you use local medicine, you keep your money in your own country and you use your local medicine. “There are already studies on the use of domestic drugs in the country. In other words, domestic production is always encouraged. Of course, it is important for us to use domestic technology in every field. It is necessary to use local technology in medicine, too. We conduct studies for 30 countries here. After the studies, approved drugs are used in their own countries.” Of course, there are clinics all over the world. The important thing is that you need to increase your share of the cake in clinical studies. Turkey is one of the countries that are trying to increase this share. We see that it has increased over the years. We hope that it will increase more in the future.”