Domestic and national machine guns will support the security forces

The domestic and national machine gun SAR 762 MT produced in Sarsılmaz Silah Sanayi A.Ş., operating in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in Beyköy town, successfully passed all tests and became ready for mass production.

The SAR 762 MT, which has 4 different models within the scope of the project, which is about a product that the Turkish defense industry has been waiting for a long time, can continue to fight without sacrificing firepower with its fast changeable barrel and its uninterrupted firepower.

The machine gun SAR 762 MT weighing 12 kilograms will play an important role in the fight against terrorism of the security forces with a long range of 1200 meters and will prevent foreign dependence on machine guns.

Nuri Kızıltan, Technical Deputy General Manager Responsible for the Factory, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the adventure started with a shotgun as a factory and continued production with a pistol and then a 9-millimeter submachine gun 5.56 and 7.62 infantry rifles.

Kızıltan, the SAR9 products produced within the scope of the original indigenous pistol project, are in the pistol category of the Tactical Retailer magazine, after the “Editors’ Choice Award” of the “Best Gun of the Year 2020” award organized by On Target, one of the most read firearms magazines of the USA. He explained that he was deemed worthy of the “Readers’ Choice Gold Award”.

Referring to two important projects given to them by the Presidency of Defense Industry, Kızıltan said, “One of them is 7.62 machine gun and the second is 12.10 anti-aircraft. We have completed the design verification tests of 7.62 machine guns. After that, the qualification tests are about to be completed and we started mass production. we will deliver it to our army within the next month. ” he spoke.

“It will hold a very important place in the defense of the country”

Emphasizing that the products produced are designed locally and nationally, Kızıltan said, “They are the projects of the Presidency of Defense Industry. SAR 762 will meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie General Command and the General Directorate of Security. It will also have a very important place in the defense of the country. It will completely eliminate its dependence. In this sense, it is also very important. used the expression.

Stating that the anti-aircraft they produce is one of the greatest needs of the country, Kızıltan said, “The design of this product has been completed and we have started prototype production. We think that we have met the trust of the Defense Industry Presidency and our state in this regard. We are also extremely happy about this.” said.

“One of its most important features is its quick-change barrel.”

Stating that they will produce the SAR 762 MT in 4 different types, Kızıltan said:

“These will be used both as infantry and on vehicle. Thus, they will have a very important place in terms of defense of our country. One of their most important features is the quick-change barrel. Thus, it will have the ability to shoot more.”

Referring to their efforts to meet the needs of the state and the role assigned to them, Kızıltan said:

“We are in continuous development in this regard. Products with the needs of the country than that, of course, our scope. We made accordingly our planning. The next process in this missing product in both machine guns completed in both sniper rifles Turkey will have an important say.”

Stating that they have taken important steps in both machine guns and sniper rifles and they have never forgotten the pistol, Kızıltan said, “Our product in the form of a pocket gun will be activated next month. As a result, continuous innovation, continuous new production, continuous follow-up technology and our investments will continue for this purpose. . ” found the assessment.