Domain shock to Google! Lost to 25 liras

An unexpected misfortune happened to the United States (USA) based search engine giant Google.

Google lost its official domain address in Argentina. The event took place in Turkey had the right to domain of history would have been someone else.

The event, which will be a lesson for many years in the technology world, has developed as follows:


According to the news in Rest of World, a person named Nicolas Kurona became famous out of the blue. Kurona, who shared Bitcoin on the internet and was known for Trump support, had a few followers.

Seeing that Google’s domain was in vain, Kurona immediately paid 270 Argentine pesos (25 lira) and became the owner of Kurona’s Twitter post received more than 75 thousand likes in a short time. The low security of domains in Argentina has long been a subject of criticism. One user posted ‘Not even Google is safe in Argentina’.


According to the statement made by Google, it is still unclear how such an event took place. At first, it was estimated that the domain name’s expiration date was over. However, an Argentine digital researcher, Andres Vazquez, stated that the domain name was renewed in July 2020. Kurona should be able to purchase after a few months, even with at least a year of renewal.

Due to a vulnerability in the domain service provider NIC in the country, the view that Google’s domain name was sold gained weight.

Google took back the official domain name after a short interruption. However, it has not been announced whether Nicolas Kurona was paid for it.