‘Digital Privacy Guidelines’ published – Science Technology News

Sayan shared on his Twitter account that the “Digital Privacy Guides” prepared by the Safe Internet Center for children and parents were published.

Sayan stated that the aim is to raise the awareness of privacy, which is considered as the first step in ensuring security in digital media, with guides, “The guides contain important advice for both parents and children. Especially with the effect of the epidemic, we are more often in digital environments and spend time. Our pups play, learn and make friends. It requires us to be more sensitive in this regard, as it meets its basic needs such as screens.” used the phrases.

Sayan pointed out that the risk of being easily deceived and harmed on the internet and social media is high, especially since children’s perception of privacy is not fully formed, and said:

“Prepared guides, ‘Advice to Protect Digital Privacy’, ‘Safety and Privacy in Smart Devices’, ‘Digital Footprints’, ‘Sharenting (Sharing Parenting)’, ‘Measures to be Taken to Protect Against Cyberbullying’, ‘Privacy in Digital Games’ Content Sharing in Social Networks and Recommendations for Protecting Privacy”, “Rights and Responsibilities in Social Networks”, “Privacy on Social Networks”. I ask parents to pay special attention to the following items for the protection of children in this regard, children should be taught what to share and not to share on the Internet, Public sharing should not be made on networks, strong passwords should be used, and personal information should not be shared with strangers online and while playing digital games.

“Must be very careful when sharing pictures of children”

Emphasizing that parents should be very careful while sharing their children’s pictures in digital media, Sayan emphasized that materials should not be given to malicious people unknowingly and that the future should be considered.

Sayan asked the children to give importance to the 5 golden rules, which are included in the guides, to protect themselves from social networks, three key rules, secure messaging and password security, photo and video sharing, and “FOLLOW” for short.

Sayan, stating that he believes “Digital Privacy Guides” will be very beneficial especially in this period, said that parents should follow the guide “https://www.guvenliweb.org.tr/dokuman-detay/ebeveynler-icin-dijital-mahremiyet-guide” and children’s “https ://www.guvenliweb.org.tr/dokuman-detay/cocuklar-icin-dijital-mahremiyet” links.