Developed a domestic device capable of producing superalloys

SBTU Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Department of Basic Sciences Professor. Dr. Muhammet Fatih Kılıçaslan started the “Vacuum Induction Melting and Melt Spinner Device” project at Kastamonu University, where he worked 3 years ago.

Kılıçaslan, who later started to work at SBTU, succeeded in implementing the project with his team in the laboratory of the university in the Sivas Organized Industrial Zone.

The device, which was developed entirely with domestic resources with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), produces titanium, nickel and cobalt-based super alloys, which are the raw materials of many sectors, especially the medical, defense, aerospace and automotive industries.

Kılıçaslan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the device allows the samples produced by casting these super alloys under high vacuum and protective gas, performing thermal and sintering processes, and converting them into fast solidified metallic strips, to coat the samples with a protective material in the form of PVD (Physical vapor deposition).

Completely domestic, 10 times less costly

Noting that the device has a compact structure that includes 4 main tasks with this feature, Kılıçaslan gave the following information:

“We have developed this device with completely domestic resources and we are actively using it in our laboratory at the moment. It is a device that contains the basic features of 4 devices used in the production of super alloys at the same time. So when you want to buy these devices, they give an average price of around 100 thousand dollars for each one in the market. If we tried to purchase each device separately, a total cost of approximately 400 thousand dollars would be encountered. We have developed this device within our own structure, with local resources, at a cost of 30-40 thousand dollars. Super alloys produced in various forms in the device are used in many areas. “Hard ones from solidified magnetic materials are used in making magnets, and soft ones are used in the construction of high energy-saving electric motors and transformers. Due to their electromagnetic shielding properties, they are also used in the aerospace and defense industry.”

Stating that the titanium, nickel and cobalt-based super alloys produced in this machine are also used in the aerospace, defense and automotive industries, Kılıçaslan said, “It is also known that these materials are used in the manufacture of dental and medical implants. We can do all of these in this device that we developed in the laboratory environment.” said.

Kılıçaslan stated that studies are carried out to bring these rapidly solidified materials to the economy within the university, and said, “We want these materials to be produced on an industrial scale and sold in domestic and foreign markets. Hopefully, we will share with the public the device that we will develop on an industrial scale soon.” he said.