‘Defense Industry will contribute to the Space Program studies’

Presidential Defense Industry Chairman Ismail Demir, Defense Industry sector, said it would offer the highest contribution to the work to be carried out in coordination with Turkey Space Agency, the Space Program as described in the last days, “Our goal as the defense industry, space travel our country to be the biggest supporter and most of the work with our industry knowledge The fastest time to finish is to provide floors. ” said.

Demir evaluated the steps taken in the defense industry in his speech at the “Regional and Global Cooperation in the Defense Industry” panel held at the Bosphorus Summit organized by the International Cooperation Platform (UIP).

Celebrating the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, women who make the world more beautiful, make the world more livable and bring the hope of humanity to green, Demir said, “Nations that do not have power and do not use their power well cannot survive. Nations that do not have high national power must stay behind in international competition. The first is human. The second is economic power, the third is military power, and the fourth is technological power. ” used the expressions.

Explaining that technological power enables the development of all other elements, Demir stated that they have significantly increased the resources allocated to R&D and technology investments in the recent period.

Stating that they will continue to maintain this determination, Demir said:

“Our expectation, science, technology and increase our innovation capacity, the solution to our problem in Turkey, quality of life and our competitiveness in our rise to, gain speed to increase our level of prosperity. Comes the defense industry one of the most important areas of application of technological developments.

When the defense expenditures of the countries are examined, it is clearly seen that there is a serious power competition in the field of defense industry. Since defense industry exports are high technology exports, countries that are strong in this sector have a strategic competitive advantage. The important thing here is to produce a value chain that will ensure our country’s strategic competitive advantage. “

“More efficient systems with lower production costs stand out”

Demir stated that as the Defense Industry Presidency, they are trying to provide the systems they need with the maximum amount of domestic and national means, and while doing this, they closely follow the technologies and trends related to the future operational environment, and that they have started to work on this today.

Explaining that their studies on future defense industry trends such as unmanned technologies, laser and electromagnetic weapon systems, cyber security and space, satellite technologies, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics are continuing at full speed, Demir said:

“Today, especially in the military field, instead of manned systems, systems that act autonomously, are smaller, more efficient and have lower production costs. We have come to a position that the world follows with admiration with the work we do with domestic and national means in this field.

We can easily say that we have become one of the leading countries in the world with the breakthroughs we have made in the field of defense industry in recent years. Today, there are 7 Turkish companies among the top 100 defense industry companies in the world. “

“Our country ‘Global Power Turkey Vision’ will continue to progress with steady steps”

İsmail Demir stated that war doctrines and tools will undergo significant changes in this period when the use of space as a battlefield is on the agenda, and said that space entities that provide communication, intelligence, surveillance and navigation capabilities will play an increasingly important role in military operations.

Stating that space studies are basically a pioneering subject in the civilian field, Demir stated that as the Defense Industry Presidency, they are not at the forefront of this field, and noted that defense industry companies undertake a significant part of their work with their knowledge and experience in this field.

Demir continued as follows:

“Defense industry sector, the country’s space program disclosed in recent days Turkey Space Agency to study to be carried out in co-ordination will also offer the highest contribution. Our goal as the defense industry, space travel in our country is to become the biggest supporters and provide floors to be completed in the fastest time of work with our sectoral knowledge.

We are our country together with all our stakeholders ‘Global Power Turkey Vision’ to follow the process and production of the new technology will continue to progress with steady steps. “

“Cyber ​​warfare is a real war”

Speaking at the panel, Lady Olga Maitland, President of the United Kingdom Defense and Security Forum, stated that modern methods come to the fore in the military field and that more agile defense technologies are needed against threats that change dimensions.

“Investments in cyber defense are increasing. Cyber ​​warfare is a real war. It can also disrupt the economy and national infrastructure. Telecommunications, financial and health systems may collapse. Cyber ​​threats contain the threat that can destroy a country. We cannot act alone in cyber defense, cooperation is vital here. ” made its evaluation.

“I don’t think any country can fight without GPS”

General Charles Wald, former US Deputy Commander-in-Chief for European Forces, stated that NATO allies need to cooperate more, adding that a common supply chain is important in the defense industry.

Stating that the US is focusing on Asia due to the threat from China, Wald said, “I do not mean that we will leave NATO, it will definitely not happen. President Joe Biden has already said this. But we still need to focus on the Russian threat. The Middle East ‘. As we are now focusing on the problems in. It is also very important to ensure the security of the Pacific. Perhaps 50 billion dollars of the budget will be transferred here. he spoke.

Stating that the US army focuses on future war technologies rather than heavily armored tanks, Wald said:

“If you look at the investments in the US, we see that the doctrine of war will change drastically. Space will perhaps form the core of everything we do. GPS systems are vital for us, you know. GPS will be called the M-Code. With a government program, all GPS ‘except the US military. i will have the ability to shut down. I don’t know if that will happen but I don’t think any other country can fight without GPS.

I can tell you this without going into confidential information. Other countries will face a very serious risk, especially in terms of GPS failure with jammers. So the point I am trying to reach is this: We respect the sovereignty of each country, our allies are very important to us, and it is very important for each country to develop their military capacity so that they can fight with us in this context. Therefore, starting from the title of this meeting, we call it regional and global cooperation in the defense industry. This will definitely have to happen in the future. “

US Vice President of Command and Control Intelligence Major General Robert Wheeler stated that military cooperation has become more important than ever for 30 years and called for increased cooperation between countries and communities in the field of defense.

“We are continuing to develop vertical take-off landing under-cloud fixed wing UAV”

Coşkunöz Holding CEO (CEO) Erdem Acay in Turkey, expressed, can be counted as one of the most important and the main strength of the new and recently emerging in modern defense industry, today’s defense industry concept to use fewer people in dangerous places and possible dangers to reduce human losses reminded that it was shaped in the direction.

advanced technologies as Coşkunöz Holding in order to earn the Turkey R & D and product development activities Acay that they continue unabated in line with these goals, “vertical take-off rolling cloud six fixed wing UAV development, Fixed Wing Herd concept UAV and develop the technology and the concept of a new armor We are carrying out intensive studies. ” gave the information.