Defense industry prepares TCG Anadolu for duty

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidency Defense Industry, gave information about the construction process of the multi-purpose assault ship TCG Anadolu and the works carried out for the national aircraft that are planned to be used by the ship.

Expressing that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made statements about the aircraft carrier, they were engaged in research on what can be done in this regard, Demir said that they evaluated a number of issues such as various aircraft carriers in the world, their qualifications, and platforms to be used on the ship.

“Baykar started activities to develop a new converted SİHA”

While doing this research, “Can we do something?” Explaining that they were in search of, Demir stated that they had such a dialogue with Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar 14-15 months ago. Demir spoke as follows:

“We had a conversation with them, ‘If you study this ship, can there be SİHAs here.’ They also took it as a duty. They have been in a study since January last year. We sent the data about the ship to them, they visited the ship before, Baykar This is not their first visit. The shipyard has done certain design studies on this issue. They have worked on various options. Baykar has started activities to develop a new converted SİHA. The work has been continuing since last year to find out what kind of measures can be taken to facilitate take-off and landing on the ship. A new visit was made during the flesh-to-bone phase, again to examine the issue on site. Studies are continuing on what can be put into operation when the ship is put into operation, how much is possible during the service. “

Stating that this usage concept will come to the fore as a “game changer” concept, Demir stated that a number of issues such as what the various systems in UAVs or the payloads to be placed on will be, how to create a combination, and control possibilities. Demir said, “Since these are issues that were not on the agenda during the design and manufacture of the ship, but we have kept on the agenda for the last 1 year, studies such as what could be possible without making major modifications without damaging the existing design too much.” said.

“Everyone works with all his might”

İsmail Demir stated that the delivery time of the TCG Anadolu ship was initially estimated to be mid-2022, but during the first source, efforts were made to bring this period forward by 1 year with President Erdoğan’s encouragement to the shipyard.

Demir gave the following information for the delivery of the ship:

“Our expectation was to receive it in the 3rd quarter before the end of this year. It took a little longer, but there are some issues such as the epidemic process and the shipyard not working at full capacity. In any case, we follow the project so that delivery is made before 2022, and we encourage the shipyard on this issue. Our series of companies are working very resolutely on this issue. I hope that if there is no setback, we say, let’s do this work before the end of this year, let’s deliver it. SİHAs are difficult to be in deployed form, but at least delivery is possible to make changes to the UAVs and drones as originally planned. In fact, a way can be considered according to the situation, such as launching it into the sea, putting it into service and putting some systems into service one by one. Our aim is to finish this ship with all our strength and speed.

Hürjet is also preparing for the ship

İsmail Demir said that the work on the design of the jet trainer Hürjet is also continuing.

Stating that they discussed whether Hürjet can be used on the ship when the subject of “aircraft carrier” came to the agenda, Demir said, “They thought whether we can make a change in the design so that Hürjet can serve on the ship. It has also been seen that the design can evolve in this direction. Those studies are also continuing, so the aim is to make the Hürjet operate from a ship such as TCG Anadolu. he spoke.