Data traffic will be made safe!

With the “Ka Band National Satellite Communication HUB System and Modem Development Project” carried out in cooperation with Türksat and ASELSAN, it is aimed to reduce the foreign dependency of the country in this field.

According to the written statement made by Türksat AŞ, the project, supported by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure R&D Fund, was initiated by signing a contract with ASELSAN on February 17.

In addition to the Ka Band services provided over the Türksat 4B satellite, the project will also offer Ka Band services over the Türksat 5B satellite, which is planned to be launched in 2021. In this context, the country’s dependence on foreign countries will be reduced thanks to the production of the HUB system and modems that can communicate from point to point in the Ka Band services used in VSAT systems with local and national facilities.

In addition, with an end-to-end integrated system to be established, data traffic in satellites will become more reliable. Different goals and targets have been determined for each phase of the project, which aims to offer products at high technology level, in order to progress in a healthy manner.

The products that will emerge within the scope of the project are aimed to be products with high added value that can compete with their equivalents in the fields of quality, performance and safety.