Data security ‘will provide Turkey’s Switch

Pnetworks for the promotion of the use of the product, and in Technopark Istanbul Pendik Municipality “Supporting Turkey’s Switch and Cooperation Protocol” was signed. Bilal Topçu, Teknopark Istanbul General Manager, Pnetworks Board Chairman Dr. Alper Özbilen and Mayor of Pendik Ahmet Cin attended the meeting.

Technopark Istanbul Director General of Artillery, in his speech at the ceremony, local and national, fully switches developed by Turkish engineers, Turkey’s technology and innovation center Technopark that they were pleased implementation and the launch in Istanbul, said: “ceremony and Pendik Municipality earlier today We were both given together with the greatest support as publicity Technopark Istanbul. from today Pnetworks brand experience in both the switch point to Turkey as well as all over the world and all together we will show our quality. ” he spoke.

“Among the most valuable items of Turkey’s communications infrastructure”

Pnetworks Chairman of the Board, Dr. Alper Özbilen also said, “Our ancestors have a somewhat reproachful saying, ‘It does not give light to the bottom of the candle.’ Today, this phrase has lost its current quality and meaning for us. Because Teknopark Istanbul, Istanbul and Pendik are the light that illuminates our way. These buildings and this district support us. Today’s activity is the most concrete, living example of this support. ” said.

“This switch was created by pouring the ideas of our own people into designs and codes in these buildings, Teknopark Istanbul, Pendik.” Özbilen said that his products expected to open up to the world after this stage. Özbilen, only stating that they put their horizons in the world is not Turkey, today stressed that they see it as a major turning point. “This product ‘Turkey Switch also have because of Turkish engineering accumulation result of first the idea without bothering them, came to the idea rather than the product” Özbilen using the phrase, today is a starting point for them, walked they said so many ways, and they know the challenges they face.

Özbilen continued as follows:

“For many years, when we say where we are carrying and storing our data, which is our most valuable asset since the first day I started my career, we saw that all the infrastructure and devices are in the hands of foreigners and even a few companies of several countries. Thank God we have products on the table today. an end, not a beginning. We have it, we consider that this is a valuable start. makes a product of the product, it adds value, is used. with use beautifies, regenerates itself, can go much further. Therefore, if accepted decreed we call ‘Turkey Switch ‘i, we call network switch. we see one of the most precious items of Turkey’s telecommunications infrastructure. “

Pendik Mayor Ahmet Cinema at the Istanbul eminent as local and national companies in Technopark being produced when the switch is produced for the first time in Turkey, said that they are pleased, “We have launched studies on the use of the product come together immediately with authorized friends Product heard, tried and We have seen that high value added products have a serious contribution to the national economy. We thank Pnetworks company for contributing to the production of these high value added products. They will become a company that will have a say in the world by developing this product further. We expressed that we are ready. We will continue our support by using local switches in the next period. ” he spoke.

Used in all areas where communication is required

Switches, which enable computers, printers, cameras and similar network devices and other networks to be connected to each other, increase their traceability by ensuring fast, secure and high quality communication between devices and networks, and by managing networks. Defined as strategic network equipment, switches can be used in all areas where communication is required such as telecommunication infrastructures, data centers, workplaces and residences.

Achieving superior qualities in each component of cyber space stands out as the basic requirement of success in almost every field of cyberspace. The development of these components in line with local capabilities makes it possible to achieve a sustainable success. Turkey’s domestic and national technology developed at the switch in line with its vision to come to compete in cyber space is critical of the situation and to eliminate the risks for Turkey in the field of cyber security.

These strategic network equipment are used in all areas where communication is required such as telecommunication infrastructures, data centers, workplaces and residences. Pnetworks’ switches, industrial fanless design, operating in the temperature range of -40 / + 70 degrees, 100 Uplink options, PoE + support from each port, Layer 2 switching protocols, IEEE 1588v2 PTP and Sync-E support, Layer 3 static routing and power It offers technical features such as redundancy options.

In the 21st century, where electronic communication has become widespread and analog information, even the most sensitive information, has become digital, the security of data flow is vital. Pnetworks’ domestic and national switches ensure that user data is only private to users. In the current global environment where data is one of the most valuable assets and threats against this value are increasing day by day, this quality also stands out as an element that supports the protection of national security.

Pnetworks the activities of Turkey’s switches support the development of capabilities in particular. This development has become the indispensable electronic communication and data remain in Turkey Turkey in this period that have the critical data is safely produced and stands out as an important step for safekeeping.