Critical warning to Apple! Regulation is changing

Friday, 09 July 2021 – 16:07 | Last Updated : 09 07 2021 – 16:20

It turned out that Europe is working on a new regulation, while the fact that iOS applications are not offered anywhere other than the App Store continues to be a matter of debate. A warning note has been sent to the technology giant. Now, a new step is expected to be taken regarding iOS devices.

The coming weeks may be troublesome for Apple. According to the news of Phone Arena, based on Reuters, Margrethe Vestager, one of the top names of the European Commission, accused Apple of using privacy and security concerns to prevent and fend off competition in the App Store. He stated that apps cannot be downloaded outside of the App Store. He warned the technology giant about this issue.

Margrethe Vestager has been working on a new regulation for Apple since 2020. The regulation in question allows the installation of applications on iOS devices via the App Store and the web.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated in a speech in June that this situation will destroy the privacy and security of the iPhone ecosystem.

The regulation put forward by Margrethe Vestager is open to change and needs to be passed by more than one EU country, countries’ own laws in order to be finalized. Some experts also said that the steps taken by Vestager could be shaped in the coming months.

On the other hand, Apple continues its work for the iPhone 13 without slowing down. According to the claims of anonymous industry sources, the iPhone 13 has entered mass production and Apple does not want to promote it as late as last year. As it is known, Apple could not adhere to its traditional calendar in the introduction of the iPhone 12 and made an official introduction later than expected. Sources said that the corona virus epidemic affected the supply chain in 2020, but Apple and its suppliers took the necessary measures this time about production.