Corona virus impact: Facebook’s ‘ban list’ is expanding

The corona virus (COVID-19), which has turned into a global epidemic, also causes the spread of many fake news and false information on social media.

Facebook, which has taken steps on this issue before, is expanding the scope of the ban it has initiated to prevent misleading information.

According to the news in The Verge, the social media platform announced that the posts claiming that the corona virus vaccine causes autism will be removed by Facebook.

In the statement made by the company on the subject, it was underlined that the new decision will be shared with Facebook groups as soon as possible and will be made available afterwards.

Facebook had begun to remove the misleading posts about corona virus vaccines from the platform.

The social media platform had previously decided to ban advertisements for medical face masks and started not to include these advertisements on the platform.

Facebook has also published the page of WhatsApp, its messaging application, which allows users to access information about the corona virus from the World Health Organization, UNICEF and UNDP.