Confidential documents leaked: North Korean hackers stole more than $ 300 million in cryptocurrency

North Korean hackers stole millions of dollars of cryptocurrency last year to support the country’s “nuclear and ballistic missile program”, according to a secret UN report that only a certain part was leaked to CNN International.

In the report, which states that hackers linked to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are “ conducting operations’ ‘against financial institutions to sustain the nuclear program and the country’s troubled economy, an unnamed UN member country, North Korean hackers’ $ 316.4 million digital He claimed to have stolen crypto money.

In the same report, it was reported that North Korea continued to develop nuclear and ballistic missile programs in 2020 despite sanctions.

In the report, it was stated that North Korea displayed new short-range, medium-range, submarine-launched and intercontinental ballistic missile systems in military parades.

In the report, which announced that North Korea was testing new ballistic missile warheads and making preparations to develop tactical nuclear weapons, it was noted that Pyongyang was maintaining nuclear facilities and developing ballistic missile infrastructure.

In the report, which pointed out that North Korea continues to search for materials and technology from overseas countries for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, it was noted that UN experts also investigated Pyongyang’s illegal import of refined oil through ship-to-ship transfer, and the annual limit of 500,000 barrels of oil was exceeded many times.

It is not known whether the secret report prepared by the UN Security Council’s North Korea Sanctions Committee experts will be published.