Competition investigation from EU to Facebook – Science Technology News

EU Commission Senior Vice President Margrethe Vestager announced that an official antitrust investigation has been launched against Facebook.

Reminding that approximately 3 billion people use Facebook and around 7 million companies advertise on the platform, Vestager stated that Facebook collects “enormous” data on those who use its social networks, and that the company can target certain consumer groups with this data.

Underlining that data should not be used in a way that distorts competition in the digital economy, Vestager stated that they will investigate whether the collected data provides an advantage to Facebook, especially in the advertising sector and the shopping service Marketplace.

The EU Commission has the authority to supervise whether companies operating in EU countries have an anti-competitive attitude in their sectors.

The Commission is evaluating whether there is any anti-competitive situation in the investigations in question. If situations that harm competition are detected, the EU Commission puts an end to this situation and imposes high fines on companies.