Companies gain speed with digital transformation

Saturday, February 27, 2021 – 17:49 | Last Updated: 27 02 2021 – 17:49

The second of The Tech Room panel, organized by Capital and Ekonomist magazines with the main sponsorship of Turkcell, was held with the theme ‘Time to Accelerate’. Delivering the opening speech of the panel Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan, “is spearheading the transformation of the sector as Turkcell Turkey are trying to digitize all our might,” he said.

The Tech Room event, organized by Capital and Ekonomist magazines and whose theme was determined as ‘Time to Accelerate’, was held under the main sponsorship of Turkcell. The opening speech was given by Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan; Eczacıbaşı CEO Atalay Gümrah, Yurtiçi Kargo CEO Fatih Önyol, Kibar Holding CEO Haluk Kayabaşı and Hepsiburada CEO Murat Emirdağ attended. Moderated by Turkcell Corporate Sales Assistant General Manager Ceyhun Özata, the panel discussed how companies from different sectors adapt to change and their future plans.

Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan said that they, as Turkcell, quickly adapted to the pandemic period, said, “During the pandemic process where we all have different experiences, we, as Turkcell, said ‘I wish we did it’ rather than saying ‘Thank you we did’. “Fortunately, we have brought one of the world’s strongest infrastructures to our country, which supports speeds of 1.4 Gbps in mobile and 10 Gbps in fixed network”. In this way, we were able to stand by both individual and corporate customers. If you have a strong infrastructure, you can easily respond to all digital needs through this infrastructure. In this sense, I think we adapt companies rapidly to the new era in the way of digitalization, as well as meeting the rapidly increasing internet need ”.


Speed ​​is important to win, but stressed that one should not lose sight of the factors to be considered when accelerating Erkan, “We ‘Turkey’s data should remain in Turkey,’ we say and we act on this principle. However, rapid digitalization creates an opportunity for cybercriminals. We recommend our companies to prefer secure access methods, to prepare cyber incident response plans, and to definitely do exercises. We provide end-to-end services with our Digital Business Services company, from cyber security to data centers, from artificial intelligence to the internet of things, from big data to cloud technologies, to our customers who want to gain speed in a controlled and secure manner. Turkcell is spearheading the transformation of the industry, we work hard to digitize of Turkey, “he said.


Eczacıbaşı CEO Atalay Gümrah stated that they have received the return of their technological investments during the pandemic period and that they see the importance of acting fast, and said, “In addition to meeting the increasing demand for hygiene, we also offer online architecture services. We invest in both product and process innovations, ”he said.

Expressing that they have expanded their cargo distribution network in a very short time by cooperating with tradesmen by responding quickly to changing consumer needs, Yurtiçi Kargo CEO Fatih Önyol emphasized that they attach importance to establishing their innovative systems on a strong technological infrastructure and said that they were chosen as the cargo company that manages the pandemic according to public opinion surveys.

Emphasizing that digitalization is one of the main investment items and cyber security is a necessity, Haluk Kayabaşı, CEO of Kibar Holding, stated that they continue to work to spread advanced analytics and cloud applications. Saying that they are working to contribute to millions of customers and the economy together with tens of thousands of businesses on their platforms, Hepsiburada CEO Murat Emirdağ said, “We will continue to enrich our ecosystem, to sign new collaborations and investments in 2021 with the vision of becoming the leading ‘super application’ of the region.” .