Civil aviation fair to be held in Istanbul in 2022

gave | Thursday, June 17, 2021 – 13:34 | Last Updated : 17 06 2021 – 13:34

ISTANBUL AIRSHOW, one of the organizations for the civil aviation sector, which has been held at Atatürk Airport since 1996, will be held between 6-8 October 2022.

ISTANBUL AIRSHOW, which has been organized by Mint Fuarcılık with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, State Airports Authority and sponsorship of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic and TAV Airports Holding for twenty-five years, is also Turkey’s ‘International Specialized Fair’. It was also noted that it is the only civil aviation fair with the qualification and registration of ‘.

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ISTANBUL AIRSHOW will feature technologies such as all aircraft, aircraft engines, navigation and flight control systems, from passenger planes to business jets, from helicopters to air ambulances, sportive planes and ultralights. On the other hand, there are also simulators, cargo, passenger and baggage systems and equipment, apron and terminal systems, airport security and integration systems, airport design and construction, airport and terminal operators, airlines, charter and air taxi companies, aviation clubs and professional organizations. will receive.

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In the statement made on the subject, “Despite the partial improvements in the Kovid-19 process, there is no opportunity to organize an effective organization yet, so ISTANBUL AIRSHOW, which was planned to be held between 23-26 September 2021, was postponed like all international aviation fairs. The constantly changing conditions of free travel applied by many countries in international travel, the quarantine obligations and the continuation of the mandatory restrictions on fair visits made this decision inevitable.