Chinese Ambassador visited Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory

gave | Friday, May 28, 2021 – 12:01 | Last Updated: 28 05 2021 – 12:01

Shaobin LIU, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Ankara, visited the Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory, which was established with an investment of 400 million dollars, together with the accompanying delegation. Hosted by Kalyon Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cemal Kalyoncu, the delegation visited the factory and exchanged information about trade and industry cooperation between Turkey and China.

Expressing their satisfaction with the ambassador’s visit, Kalyon Holding Chairman of the Board Cemal Kalyoncu used the following statements:

“As Kalyon Holding, we set out with the vision of contributing to meeting the increasing energy needs of future generations, primarily from clean and renewable resources, with the steadily increasing population in Turkey and in the world every year. In this direction, we put the Kalyon Solar Technologies Factory, which we laid the foundations in 2017, into operation in August 2020. The solar panels produced in our factory, which started operations with an investment of 400 million dollars, are used in the Kalyon Karapınar Solar Power Plant in Konya, one of the largest solar power plants in the world, which was implemented with an investment of 1 billion dollars in the first stage. Shortly after the opening of the factory, we decided to increase the capacity considering both the potential in our country and the renewable energy need in the world. With the agreement we made with CETC, one of the leading technology and energy companies in China, with whom we have been working together since the first stage of the factory, we have doubled our production capacity and set a target of reaching 1,000 MW capacity in the last quarter of the year. In our factory, which integrates all stages of solar panel production, including R&D, under one roof, we will also increase the cell and module power output by more than 30 percent, thanks to the newly developed M10 wafer technology in line with this cooperation. When we consider all these developments together, we will have the distinction of being the first company outside of Asia that can develop all processes related to solar energy generation from ingot to module and M10 technology together. In other words, we will make our country one of the leading countries in solar energy technology and production capacity. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the dear ambassador who visited our big investment here today. “


Ambassador Shaobin LIU, who conveyed his impressions about the visit, emphasized the importance of cooperation between Turkey and China and said, “I was very impressed when I listened to Kalyon Holding’s fields of activity. A factory like no other in the world was built here. I believe that the strategic cooperation between the two countries will increasingly continue. The R&D investment made here and the presence of 100 researchers working here reveal the vision for the future, not just for the present. Turkey is not just a production base connecting Asia and Europe. It is on its way to becoming a high-tech export base in the world. “We will continue to support the companies in order to develop the cooperation between the two countries, as we always do,” he said.