China will send 3 taikonauts into space in June

Monday, May 31, 2021 – 16:40 | Last Update : 31 05 2021 – 16:40

China plans to send a three-man taikonaut team to work on building a new space station in June.

According to the news in Channel News Asia, Yang Livey, Vice President of China’s Manned Space Program, said that the Shincou 12 capsule, which will carry the three taikonauts, will be launched from the Ciucuen facility in the northwest of the country in June.

Yang noted that the task of the taikonauts will last 3 months.

The China Manned Space Program Agency (CMSA) announced on May 6 that it would organize four manned and four cargo flights to complete the station in 2022.

China’s plan to build a space station

China is working to establish its own space station by 2022, as the United States banned cooperation in space exploration and prevented its participation in the International Space Station (ISS) program.

The station, which will consist of a core module, two laboratory modules and a space telescope, will be approximately the same size as Russia’s now defunct Mir Space Station when completed.

Following the launch of the core module Tienhi (Heavenly Harmony), laboratory modules bearing the names “Vintien” (Seeking the Sky) and “Mingtien” (Dreaming the Sky) will also be launched into space in 2022.

After the main skeleton is formed, the space telescope called “Shengian” (Wandering the Sky) will be added to the station as a separate module in the following years.