China postpones planned supply flight for space station module

In a statement made by the Chinese Manned Space Expedition Agency (CMS), it was reported that the planned launch of the Tiencou (Sky ship) 2 cargo shuttle was delayed today.

In the statement, it was stated that the launch was postponed for “technical reasons”, and no information was given about when the new expedition will be made.

The expedition would be the first supply mission to the space station after the core module was launched into orbit on April 29.

China’s plan to build a space station

China is working to establish its own space station by 2022, as the United States banned cooperation in space exploration and prevented it from participating in the International Space Station (ISS) program.

The station, which will consist of a core module, two laboratory modules and a space telescope, will be about the same size as Russia’s no longer active Mir Space Station when completed.

After the launch of the core module Tienhi (Celestial Harmony), the lab modules named “Vıntien” (Searching the Skies) and “Mıngtien” (Dreaming of the Skies) will also be sent to space in 2022.

After the main skeleton is formed, the space telescope named “Shuntian” (Traveling the Skies) will be added to the station as a separate module in the following years.