China confirmed! The reconnaissance vehicle sent to Mars with the USA …

In the statement made by the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA), it was confirmed that in January and February, an exchange of ideas was made with NASA on the flight safety of spacecraft.

NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk said at his online meeting on March 23 that talks were held on Chinese spacecraft and the latest orbit data was shared with Chinese officials to analyze the risk of a Tienvin-1 collision.

Jurczyk stated that, under US law, almost all contacts between NASA and China are prohibited for security concerns such as technology theft, but there may be some exceptions.

Tienvın-1, which left Earth on 23 July 2020, made 202 days of flight until it entered Mars orbit, and the vehicle, which made 4 orbital corrections, traveled 475 million kilometers.

The US reconnaissance vehicle Perseverance also managed to land on Mars on February 20, after a 7-month and 470 million-kilometer journey after launching from the Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida on June 30, 2020.

Developed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and called “Hope”, the satellite was launched from Japan in July 2020 and settled in Mars orbit on February 9.