China builds new commercial satellite launch center

AA | 08 April 2021 Thursday – 17:14 | Last Updated: 08 04 2021 – 17:14

It is building a new commercial satellite launch center for 20 billion yuan (approximately $ 3.02 billion) in Ningbo, China’s Ciciang province.

According to the news in the Chinese press, the tender for the construction of the country’s 5th satellite launch center was concluded with an investment of around $ 3 billion in Ningbo’s Shiangshan district within the framework of the 14th period development plan covering the years 2021-2025.

In accordance with the tender won by an engineering company, the launch center, which will be built on a land of approximately 67 square kilometers, will consist of the command center, R&D, test and assembly facilities for rockets and satellites.

It is planned to launch 100 satellites each year from the satellite center, which will be called the Shiangshan (Elephant Hill).

The Shiangshan Satellite Launch Center, which will be China’s 5th launch center, will be used to operate in the commercial aviation industry.

In China, 39 satellites were launched last year, and more than 40 this year, including the Mars mission. It is estimated that more than a thousand satellites will be launched into low orbit in the country in the next few years.

The first satellite launch centers were built in 1958 in Gansu province, “Taiyüen” in Shanxi state, “Shanghai” in 1970, and “Vincang” in Hainan province in 2009.