Cheap cell phone sale! 50 percent off, here are those brands…

Wednesday, June 09, 2021 – 9:02 | Last Updated : 09 06 2021 – 9:02

The prices of mobile phones have risen. Refurbished phones are coming to the rescue of those looking for cheap mobile phones. These devices, which provide up to 50 percent advantage over the new models, are presented perfectly as they left the factory. The warranty is 1 year. Sales of refurbished cheap phones began to be made by authorized businesses. Prices start from 1250 liras.

The process to eliminate tax losses and security problems, which amount to 13 billion liras per year in second-hand mobile phones, was initiated by the Ministry of Commerce. Authorized businesses repair and reset the mobile phones they bought from the citizens like the first day they left the factory, that is, they sell them in a ‘renewed’ way. During the sale of these devices, which also have a 12-month warranty, a sales contract will be signed between the business and the buyer.


According to the news of Murat Gülderen from Posta, the most important thing is to make sure that the device has not been involved in events such as theft or terrorism before when purchasing the phone. Because before buying the phone, these centers question whether the phone is clean from the security system called ‘White List’. In other words, they do not process any device that is not on the white list. In addition, when purchasing the phone, they also receive a signed commitment stating that the responsibility before the sale date belongs to the seller.


Due to the increasing exchange rate and the chip shortage in the world during the pandemic process, phone prices have increased by more than 10 percent in recent years. Refurbished mobile phones offer a price advantage of up to 50 percent compared to new models. However, these devices are not made in installments. If you wish, you can contact your bank after purchasing the device and make installments with a certain maturity difference.


Pursuant to the provisions of the Regulation, ‘renewal’ transactions and ‘renewed product’ placing on the market can only be carried out by renewal centers authorized by the Ministry of Commerce. Information on the authorized companies is published on the ‘’ page on the Ministry’s website. Currently, 3 businesses have obtained renewal authorization certificates. These were registered as Garantili Teknoloji İletişim Hizmetleri, Easycep Bilişim and HB Bilişim Servis Hizmetleri. However, e-commerce sites such as Hepsiburada and Gittigidiyor have been selling refurbished phones with a 12-month warranty for a while.