Changing the rules of the game in the sky

According to the statement made by TEKNOFEST, the Herd UAV, which is used successfully in different fields, especially in civilian and military applications, is one of the leading technologies with high added value.

The main purpose of the Swarm UAV Competition, which will be held for the 4th time this year within the scope of TEKNOFEST, is to develop software algorithms for the creation of UAVs that can perform defined tasks in flocks, and to demonstrate the performance of these algorithms in physical environment with Swarm UAVs.

The competition, which was held in a simulation environment in the past years, is being developed in physical environment for the first time this year. Participants of Turkey’s accession to the leading technology companies to organized tours, but also be directed related to youth issues in the competition will catch the opportunity to make acquainted network gain and internships with leading experts in the field, it is aimed at increasing the knowledge and experience. The application deadline is February 28.

UAVs to be used in the competition are also provided to the teams that pass the qualifiers

UAV individual takeoff, formation in the air, departure in formation, adding new individuals to the herd, removing individuals from the herd, changing direction in a flock with formation protection, changing formation, herd separation, herd merging, navigation in a flock, rising and descent in the herd The evaluation criteria include simultaneous and sequential automatic landing missions in flocks / flocks and ensuring that the UAVs do not collide during demonstrations.

The algorithms and designs in the preliminary design report from the teams; In the presentation, they are expected to show the simulation results in addition. A sample UAV of the type to be used in the competition is also provided to the teams that pass the qualifiers.

UAVs, which can be controlled more than one, autonomously or semi-autonomously, are in constant communication with each other, perform their tasks as a whole, and have different dimensions and capabilities, are used in very important areas from military operations to response to forest fires.

Undergraduate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and graduates can participate in the contest, where talented young people who will change the rules of the sky will make a difference.

In the competition, where a total of 90 thousand TL in monetary prize is awarded, the teams are provided with material support for their projects, as well as training camp, transportation and accommodation support for the finalists.

35 different technology competitions await young people

Each year’s competition categories of the previous year by more opened and the history of Turkey’s largest award-winning technology this year in 35 different competitions within competitions TEKNOFEST Technology Competition.

Unlike TEKNOFEST 2020, Mixed Herd Simulation, Communication Technologies, Fighting UAV, Artificial Intelligence, Culture and Tourism Technologies, High School Students Pole Research Projects, Agricultural Unmanned Land Vehicle, Digital Technologies in Industry Competitions are organized for the first time.

awareness creation in technology and science, society as a whole, Turkey’s science and aims to increase its trained human resources in the field of engineering TEKNOFEST, to support its work on young people’s future technologies rocket World Drone Cupe Model dozens breath satellite from Hacker to Istanbul Turkey’s history with the biggest prize of the competition is performing cuts of Technology competition.

With the aim of increasing the interest of young people in producing and developing national technology, a total of over 5 million TL is provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage this year in order to support the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields.

Teams that compete in TEKNOFEST and qualify for the rankings will be awarded more than 5 Million TL.

Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology executive, Turkey’s leading technology companies, public, media organizations and universities is also being held with 67 stakeholder organizations.

It will be enough to visit to be a part of the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, which will take place again in Istanbul on September 21-26 and to make your applications.