Change your Facebook password now! They shared the information

AA | Monday, April 05, 2021 – 14:49 | Last Updated: 05 04 2021 – 15:00

Change your Facebook password immediately. The information was shared on a platform for free. This situation poses a great danger in the application, which also includes bank account information. Information Technology Law Association President Lawyer Kürşat Ergün stated that users should change their passwords regarding the hacking of data on Facebook. used the expression.

In the statement made by the Informatics Law Association, the opinions of the Association President Lawyer Kürşat Ergün regarding the announcement that the data of 533 million users on Facebook are shared free of charge on a hacker platform were given.

Ergün, regarding what Facebook users should do next, “First of all, regardless of whether the information is stolen, all Facebook users should update their passwords. Especially if Facebook password and other passwords are the same, they should be changed immediately.

For example, having the same Facebook password and the password of the application that carries out banking activities poses a great danger. In fact, users should never use the Facebook passwords they currently use with Facebook and other applications. Care should be taken not to make these passwords easy to guess, such as letters, numbers, and special expressions. “

You can file a lawsuit

Ergün stated that in the event that users suffer material or moral damage due to the capture of user data within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) no. The KVKK may also impose a fine on the Facebook company if it detects that it has not taken the necessary measures to steal the user information in question. ” found the assessment.