Call for climate change and prevention of biodiversity loss

AA | Friday, June 11, 2021 – 16:50 | Last Updated : 11 06 2021 – 16:50

50 international climate and biodiversity experts called for the prevention of climate change and biodiversity loss, which threatens human livelihoods, food security and public health, through joint action and action.

Emissions of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, industry, agriculture, forestry and other land use continue to increase, according to the first scientific study examining climate change and biodiversity loss together by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Science-Policy Platform (IPBES). While this amount of emissions caused a global warming of more than 1 degree compared to pre-industrial times.

While 77 percent of land areas and 87 percent of the oceans are being transformed as a result of the direct effects of human activities, more species are in danger of extinction than ever before, and the effects of climate change are being felt more and more.

In this context, 50 international experts who contributed to the study called for action to be taken to prevent climate change and loss of biodiversity, which pose a threat to human livelihoods, food security and public health, and to fight against its harmful effects.

Experts made recommendations to stop the loss of carbon and species-rich ecosystems on land and in the ocean, to increase sustainable agricultural practices, to stop national and international activities that would harm biodiversity, to implement environmental and species protection programs with strong policies, and to determine these policies in a way that contributes to local people. .

Ana Maria Hernandez Salgar, President of IPBES, stated that land areas and oceans absorb more than 50 percent of anthropogenic carbon emissions in her evaluation of the report, “But nature cannot do everything. To prevent climate change, stop biodiversity loss and have the sustainable future we want, society “There is a need for comprehensive transformation in all areas of the economy and the economy. This will also require us to tackle both crises together in complementary ways.” used the phrases.