‘Cacabey’ proposal for ‘Astronaut’ (Who is Cacabey suggested by MHP leader Bahçeli?)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘S statement and then Turkey’s space program, “AstronautThe Turkish equivalent to replace the word “” has begun to be discussed.

President Erdoğan said, “Our tenth and final goal in the Space Program is to send a Turkish citizen to space. I make a call to our linguists,” Come, let’s find a Turkish name for Turkish space passengers. ” Of course, not only linguists, but also our 83 million citizens can participate in this quest with their original ideas “.

On the other hand, the first proposal came from MHP leader Bahçeli. MHP Chairman State Garden, as the name suggestion for the astronaut going into space “CacabeyHe suggested.

Cacabey, who lived in the Seljuk period, had an observatory built in Kırşehir where stars were studied and astronomy studies were carried out, and he taught scientific subjects there.


Cacaoğlu Nureddin Cebrail, who was the son of Emir Bahaddin Caca, the lord of the Ceceli tribe, was born in Kırşehir in 1240 during the time of Keyhüsrev during the Seljuk period.

Nurettin Cibril Bin Cacabey, who provided great services to Kırşehir, became famous with the name of Cacabey after these services.

Caca Bey attracted the attention of the prominent people of the era with his superior talents in his young ages. He had the Caca Bey Madrasa built in Kırşehir, regarded as the faculty of the time.

Caca Bey, who speaks Turkish in administrative affairs and uses Turkish in his correspondence, ensured that education in Turkish language was given in Caca Bey Madrasa.

Caca Bey, who showed his success at a young age, started to be among the adults in a short time. In a letter that Mevlana wrote, he praised Caca Bey’s talents and achievements and expressed this issue in the assemblies he met with.

Caca Bey took care of Hacı Bektaş Veli, who was living under his administration and protected him. He had many charitable institutions and also many public buildings such as mosques and zawiya repaired in Anatolia.

Cacabey built an observatory (observatory) and a madrasah in the center of Kırşehir. He studied the celestial bodies and made observations in this madrasa. Cacabey also gave lectures in the field of astronomy in the madrasa.

Caca Bey died in 1301 while fighting against the Byzantines. His funeral was brought to Kırşehir and buried in the tomb next to the madrasa he had built.


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