Businessman from Konya produced Airbus passenger plane simulator

Airbus A-320 aircraft simulator, which is used to train pilots in flight schools, was produced by a company in Konya.

Mevlüt Alyaz, Chairman of the Board of ARC Simulator, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the 5-ton simulator is 8.5 meters high.

Stating that the device is a real A-320 Airbus aircraft simulator, Alyaz said:

“Students who start their piloting training in flight schools receive training in such a simulator to experience all the positive or negative scenarios that can be experienced in a real aircraft and to accelerate their manual skills. This simulator was not produced in our country before. This is a first in Turkey. The simulator is 2.5 years old. It emerged as a result of a study. We received KOSGEB support from the state during the R&D and production process.”

Emphasizing that they cooperated with industry and universities during the production process, Alyaz said that they completed the project by collaborating intensively with the academic staff of Necmettin Erbakan University Engineering Department and KTO Karatay University Pilotage Department during the R&D and manufacturing stages.

Pointing out that they have an infrastructure and experience as they have produced Formula-1 racing vehicle simulators before, Alyaz continued as follows:

“Making such a simulator was a challenge to ourselves, such a simulator required high-level standards. As a country, we used to import these simulators from abroad by paying millions of dollars. We set out to do this and we succeeded. The hardest part of the job in production is the simulator. It was to build the platform with standards and accelerations that could lift 5 tons of load. 70% of it is domestic.”

The pilot candidate will be able to experience all possible negative scenarios in flight.

Explaining that they completed and delivered the simulator in 12 months after the order, Alyaz said, “This simulator has a cockpit exactly the size of a real Airbus A-320 aircraft. There is a stewart (robot) platform under it that can perform physical movements. This makes it a high-level simulator. The instructor will be able to break the engine of the plane, send a flock of birds, and apply variable weather conditions at any time. used the phrases.

Stating that they received 4 orders from abroad for the simulator despite their new developments, Alyaz stated that their next target is to produce for the national defense industry.

Mehmet Akif Güzel, a pilot candidate KTO Karatay University Piloting Department student, who sits in the cockpit of the device and uses the simulator, said, “I have used a simulator before, but it was not as realistic as this one. It gives the feeling of using a real airplane. When you enter the system, even putting a fast wheel on the runway, including turbulence events, is exactly the same. You’re experiencing the feeling.” made its assessment.