Bozdoğan is targeted to enter TAF inventory in 2022

Turkey Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), SAGE’s young engineers and technicians developed, Turkey’s first opinion intra-to-air missiles from the air in Valens 2022 Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) is expected to enter the inventory.

According to the statement made by the Presidency’s Directorate of Communications, Bozdoğan, who was fired from the F-16, destroyed the target with a “direct hit”.

Following the development process of the missile closely, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced on his social media account the first test in which Bozdoğan fired from the air to the air.

“Turkey has managed to become one of the few to-air missile technology, aerial country” Using expressions Erdogan’s video shared, the firing of Valens and “Lightning” will take place to hit is air targets full hitting.

In the video, the word “mashallah” coming from the radio during the firing of Bozdoğan from the F-16 draws attention.

In the radar image, Bozdoğan leaves the F-16 and moves towards Şimşek. While Bozdoğan hits Şimşek with full accuracy, the radio sounds “splash” in military terminology, meaning the downing of the enemy aircraft.

It was developed by TAI with national facilities to be used in the certification tests of Şimşek, Bozdoğan and Gökdoğan.

Bozdoğan is expected to enter the TSK inventory in 2022.

An important step has been achieved

Thus, Turkey abroad for years in harsh conditions imported by air missiles in the air, did a significant step in the development objectives with local and national resources.

In this context, a firing test was carried out on April 7 under the coordination of four F-16 aircraft affiliated with the Air Force Command and a tanker aircraft affiliated to the 10th Tanker Base Command.

Fired by the F-16 against the air target, Bozdoğan destroyed the target with a direct hit.

Bozdoğan, a short-range, In-Sight Air-Air Missile with an infrared imager seeker (IIR), has a weight of 140 kilograms and can reach a speed of 4 Mach.

Erdoğan followed the process closely

President Erdoğan is personally interested in the Göktuğ Project, which started in 2013.

Visiting TÜBİTAK SAGE in 2018 and receiving information from the authorities about the situation regarding Bozdoğan and Gökdoğan, Erdoğan made a statement about Bozdoğan’s ground tests at the TBMM AK Party Group Meeting in 2019.

Erdogan said, “We are counting days for the mass production of domestic and national counterparts of air-to-air missiles that we buy from outside at a cost of millions of dollars. We achieved full hits in the guided shots made from our air-to-air missile Bozdoğan launch pad, which will be integrated into our warplanes.” used the expressions.

High maneuverability

Flying well above the speed of sound and capable of maneuvering, Bozdoğan is being developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE on behalf of the Defense Industry Presidency as part of the Göktuğ Project in line with the needs of the Turkish Air Force.

Göktuğ Project aims to develop Bozdoğan and Gökdoğan missiles and electronic training missiles to be used in their training.

Air-to-air missiles Bozdoğan and Gökdoğan are seen as critical in establishing air superiority. While Bozdoğan is an in-sight missile, Gökdoğan is an out-of-sight missile.

It will also be used in SİHAs

Bozdoğan and Gökdoğan, which are primarily planned to be integrated into F-16 aircraft, will be used against combat aircraft, large-body aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

Bozdoğan and Gökdoğan, which are planned to be among the ammunition of SİHAs such as Akıncı and Aksungur, will also be one of the important weapons of the national combat aircraft.