Bee diversity revealed by gene study

AA | Saturday, February 20, 2021 – 16:15 | Last Updated: 20 02 2021 – 16:15

Duzce University (DU) gene study in Biology Department of Molecular Genetics Laboratory samples were taken from 50 provinces of bee diversity in Turkey, with the extinction of native bees race was revealed that the face to face.

DÜ Beekeeping Research, Development and Application Center M ???? üdürü Assoc. Dr. Meral Kekeçoğlu told AA correspondent that they obtained important data with the study.

about bee races that broad term study conducted transfer Kekeçoğl “Turkey’s 50 were able to test bee samples we received from the provincial examination from both morphometric genetic care. The first aim is the making of this study demonstrate the bee diversity in Turkey. Which are different races, achieve them and migration we wanted to determine to what extent is the risk of extinction of the race with racial diversity in Turkey from abroad method we call beekeeping. ” he spoke.

“We must not spoil our biodiversity”

Kekeçoğl is unwittingly brought from abroad beekeepers breed bees with drawing attention to impair the racial diversity in Turkey, he continued:

“We went with 50 and interviewed our beekeepers and took samples of the race. Our beekeepers said, ‘Where did you get the breed from?’ When we asked, showing us her card race brought from abroad. Please do not do this, our beekeepers. We have enough to biodiversity in terms of bee races in Turkey. In fact the whole world is watching over our bee races. Bee Race in our resistance to cold conditions and disease. A serious threat of global warming. Our bee races of our more resistant to global warming. races environmental conditions that exist in Turkey and disease are much more resistant. we need to bozmama us this biodiversity. If we None that we have hit a serious blow to beekeeping. natural bee races in the country are races in which he compatible to the region. one of the flora of, It is suitable for climatic conditions. The breed brought from outside provides yield in the short term, but it cannot withstand the climatic conditions and creates the loss of race. “

The study “abroad bee breeds in Turkey that brought the races due to dirty, do not have to face that face” of Kekeçoğl explaining that arise, “These results really worry us. The greatest wealth of a country are indigenous genetic resources. Good evaluate if the future and biodiversity of our indigenous genetic resources we will keep it and get more efficiency in breeding and selection. ” used the expressions.

Kekeçoğl of the damage of bee diversity in Turkey and abroad in order to protect bees to beekeepers breed urged not to bring.