Bad news for Google and Facebook from EU

US-based technology companies are under increasing pressure on Google and Facebook to share revenue from their news content.

The European Union (EU), which published the “Digital Service” and “Digital Market” draft laws on December 15, is preparing to take steps to pave the way for the producers of the news content shared by big technology companies such as Google and Facebook.

The regulation is expected to include the binding arbitration option for license agreements between publishers and digital platforms, and the obligation of platforms to notify publishers of algorithm changes.

In July, the Australian government approved the “draft law on paying local news sources” that Facebook and Google had previously used for free.

In response, Google announced that if the bill goes into law, it will close the main search engine in Australia.

Australia has taken a similar step in recent weeks, with representatives of Google and Facebook conveying their objections to the senators regarding the regulation prepared by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Mel Silva, General Manager of Google Australia, argued that such a legal regulation was “unenforceable” and stated in a statement on the subject that “In case the law passes in this form, we have no other option than to terminate the service provided by Google Search Engine in Australia”. .