Attention to those who share photos on social media! Not innocent

Founder of Ayonix, a facial recognition company headquartered in Japan, Dr. Sadi Vural stated that movements such as the “20s challenge” in social media do not appear innocently, “These trends emerge upon certain demands for data collection purposes. With the photographs obtained, facial recognition systems are strengthened and recognition performance is increased.” said.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Vural stated that facial recognition systems can be applied anywhere to serve people.

While security units use these systems to find a criminal or suspect, the private sector can benefit from these systems to increase efficiency in order to provide a better service, Vural said, “Face recognition also facilitates entrances for workplaces and smart homes by making them keyless. provides fast passage without waiting in long queues at airports. ” said.

Expressing that “deepfake” has also developed with the development of face recognition technology, Vural said that they received high demand from many countries for the detection of artificially produced faces.

“Facial recognition systems are strengthened with social media trends”

Dr. Sadi Vural emphasized that many users share photos with the “20s challenge” trend on social media, strengthening facial recognition systems and increasing recognition performance with photos obtained from such movements.

Pointing out that shared open data may be acquired by other companies, Vural continued his words as follows:

“We know that photographs are constantly collected with search robots and this archive is expanding day by day. Missing parts are completed with currents such as the ’20s challenge’ trend. In other words, it opens the way to simulate the 60-year-old face of a face 20 years ago with artificial intelligence, thus paving the way for ‘deepfake’.

A lot of data are obtained such as what people do, where they go, what they eat, but there are deficiencies in obtaining data on the visual side. These deficiencies are completed with the trends in social media and the current changes according to whatever data is needed. With the safe use of data, products that are beneficial to society will also emerge, but regulations are not ready. While there are legal shortcomings, I think such trends will only bring bad consequences. “

“These streams occur on certain requests for data collection purposes”

Vural, the Founder of Ayonix, stated that none of the trends such as “20s challenge” emerged innocently in social media, “These trends emerge upon certain requests for data collection purposes. With these trends, people deliver their data with their own hands under the name of entertainment. ” found the assessment.

Emphasizing that these data are important for the training of face recognition systems based on artificial intelligence, Vural said:

“Although users care about their rights and security, they share all kinds of photos on social media. People from all walks of life and professions participate in this situation. I advise users to be conscious of these trends, to think about the purpose of the movement, to see and decide what might be behind it. All trends are bad. There is no such thing, but no movement emerges with an idle purpose to ‘just entertain people’. ??????? Face recognition technology has been a material for conspiracy theories for many years. These currents cannot harm anyone as long as they act with their logic. “