Attack helicopters will recognize their friend-enemy with ASELSAN

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, ASELSAN, under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries, develops friend-enemy recognition and identification systems that enable the fast and accurate identification of friendly platforms performing their duties with the interrogation and answer method, and offers them to the use of security forces.

ASELSAN product IFF Mode 5 / S Responder device is used in various helicopters, planes, unmanned aerial vehicles and ships.

The device was finally integrated into the T129 Atak helicopter, and its tests were completed and made ready for use. The next Atak deliveries will be carried out with ASELSAN’s original product IFF Mode 5 / S Responder device.

NATO armies are transitioning to IFF Mod 5/S as the newest friend-foe interrogation system. Turkey develops its own unique solutions in this field and integrates them into its platforms. Compared to previous modes, IFF Mod 5/S provides superiority with features such as longer range interrogation, increased resistance to eavesdropping, jamming and deception, high identification capability and the use of National Crypto Device.

The T129 Atak helicopter, produced by Türk Havacılık ve Uzay Sanayii AŞ, was developed using national capabilities specific to Turkey in order to meet the attack helicopter needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The performance of the T129 Atak helicopter is optimized for demanding hot weather-high altitude missions, and it effectively functions in security operations with its high maneuverability and performance in day and night conditions.

The contract between the Presidency of Defense Industries and ASELSAN for the development, mass production and integration of IFF Mod 5/S responder, short-medium-range interrogator, long-range interrogator, combined interrogator-responder systems with platforms in 2018 to meet the needs of Air and Naval Forces commands. It was signed.