ASELSAN strengthens its hand for new exports

Under the coordination of the Presidency of the Presidency of Defense Industry, the company develops and manufactures weapons and gun fire control systems of different caliber and types that can be used in different platforms for land, air and sea combat, and put them at the service of the world armies.

ASELSAN Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (UKKS) are used in 20 countries, including Turkey. Last year, the company worked intensively on the production, delivery and development of these weapon systems.

Within the scope of domestic and international demands of 12.7 millimeter (mm) Stabilized Machine Gun System (Stamp-2), 25 mm Stabilized Gun System (Stop-2) and 30 mm Stabilized Gun System (Guard-2) developed for naval platforms production and deliveries continued.

The company signed the Stamp-2 Contract within the scope of the needs of the Naval Forces Command in 2020. Stop-2 was exported to Bahrain. Deliveries of Guard-2 to Pakistan Navy and Qatar Navy have been completed. New contracts were signed for the export of Guard-2 to Qatar and Indonesia. In addition, work has begun on the development of a new generation, lightweight and small Stamp-2L system.

Sarp number reached 3 thousand 100

Developed for land vehicles or fixed facilities, Sarp’s mass production and deliveries continued for the needs of the Land Forces Command, the Gendarmerie General Command and the General Directorate of Security (EGM). By the end of 2020, the total number of Sarp Systems delivered was 3,100. Last year, domestic and international projects were delivered. The contract for the export of Sarp to Hungary was signed and deliveries were completed.

Deliveries of the Serdar Anti-Tank Missile System, which can be integrated with 12.7 mm and 7.62 mm machine guns and anti-tank missiles, continued.

Russian weapons to Sarp-Zafer

ASELSAN continues its domestic and international deliveries of UKSSs, while conducting development studies to use new solutions and various weapon options in the system. In these studies, Sarp’s new versions Sarp-Zafer and Sarp-L and Nefer unmanned weapon towers stand out.

Last year, within the scope of the needs of EGM, Qatar and Kuwait Armed Forces, 12.7 mm / 7.62 mm machine guns can be integrated Sarp-Zafer NSV and Russian origin 14 for the use of Sarp-Zafer with 12.7 mm machine gun of Russian origin, Sarp-Zafer KPVT development and qualification studies were carried out for use with a 5 mm machine gun.

In addition, the qualifications of the 7.62 mm / 5.56 mm machine gun integrated Sarp-L were made within the scope of the needs of EGM, Land Forces Command and Bahrain Armed Forces. In line with the needs of EGM, the version of Sarp-L capable of loading ammunition from inside the vehicle was developed and qualified.

On the other hand, Sarp-L is expected to be included in the inventory with the deliveries under the Hisar-A Project.

The new weapon of the battleships Nefer-L

The Nefer Weapon System, which can be mounted with 25/30 mm automatic cannons and anti-tank missiles of western or eastern origin, and includes 12.7 and 7.62 mm coaxial guns, is a first in the market with its lightness, low silhouette and other capabilities.

The qualifications of Nefer, which can be used in motion, day / night conditions, tracked or wheeled land vehicles against fixed, moving targets and fixed platforms, were achieved.

Nefer-L, which was developed for use in armored combat vehicles, other tactical land vehicles and fixed facilities, was also qualified, and activities were carried out for fixed facility implementation.