ASELSAN is waiting for Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School students

With the protocol signed between the Ministry of National Education and ASELSAN Konya Weapon Systems AŞ, ASELSAN MTAL was brought to Konya.

ASELSAN Konya MTAL, which will provide training on defense systems in the Merkez Selçuklu district, will accept 60 students in the field of electrical-electronics and machine technology.

Applications will be made to the school, which has a 5-year education content in two branches, through the central system with the score obtained within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS).

Provincial Director of National Education Seyit Ali Büyük told Anadolu Agency (AA) that some of the field and branch courses are planned to be given by ASELSAN Konya trainers.

Emphasizing that ASELSAN is a very important brand in Turkey and the world, Büyük said, “We will continue to work in partnership with ASELSAN Konya on internships, scholarships and job employment. Our school is a very valuable school in terms of employment and future of our children, and we are waiting for our students.” said.


Emphasizing that ASELSAN Konya is an important institution for the defense industry, Büyük said, “Our parents want their children to grow up to serve our country in the defense industry. ASELSAN is an important brand, a foreign language-based preparatory education will be given in our school for this purpose. International projects will follow. and activities will be held. This will be a different, very important and branded school.” he said.

Stating that the workshops will be established by ASELSAN Konya, Büyük emphasized that the students who choose the school will graduate as an engineer candidate who has worked, learned and succeeded.


Sümeyra Gülbudak, the school’s psychological counselor and guidance teacher, shared that they experienced a lot of intensity due to their ongoing LGS preferences.

Emphasizing that they help students and parents who want to have information about the school, Gülbudak said, “Many of our students, from one percent to five, come here to get information. We see that there is a particular demand from our students who want to continue in the field of engineering and who want to continue their university education in this field.” he said.

Burak Selek, one of the students who came to get information about the school with his family, stated that he is interested in engineering and the defense industry, and that he was very excited when ASELSAN opened a high school in Konya after Ankara.