ASELSAN assurance comes to Republic gold

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, while the technologies developed for “multi-use” under the coordination of the Presidency Defense Industry are used in many fields from transportation to health, from energy to agriculture, from environment to construction, the number of these examples increases with the demands of organizations operating in different fields.

With the strategic cooperation between ASELSAN and the General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Printing House, a new one was added to these areas. The parties signed a cooperation protocol in the field of biometric gold identification and tracking.

Within the scope of the cooperation, biometric identification of Republic golds produced by the General Directorate of the Mint and Stamp Printing House will be made. With the system that provides protection and tracking against counterfeiting, it will be determined whether the gold in the market is from the mint or not.

It is aimed to use the technology to be developed in coins and other metal objects and to cooperate in other possible application areas.

The gold of the Republic is printed under the guarantee of the state by the General Directorate of the Mint and Stamp Printing House. Cumhuriyet gold is produced exclusively by the Darphane, in order to ensure the standard with confidence in weight, setting and quality.

Mint produces Republic gold on order to those who deliver gold bullion to it. There are 2 types: Republic gold coins and Republic jewelry gold coins. Five varieties are used for each of the two species according to their weight: five, two and a half, one, half and a quarter.