Artificial intelligence programs started to play an active role in job interviews

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Business and Management Sciences Head of Human Resources Management Department Assoc. Dr. Pelin Vardarlıer stated that there were also changes in human resources processes due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, and that artificial intelligence programs started to play an effective role in recruitment processes.

Vardarlıer evaluated the effects of the Kovid-19 outbreak on recruitment processes, human resources and internal communication.

Underlining that enterprises have taken many measures such as working remotely to prevent damage to customers and employees during the epidemic process, Vardarlıer said, “Human resources departments have important duties. Effective progress of this process, employee performance not falling and keeping motivation high, human resources departments focus on and are among the issues that need attention. ” He spoke in the form.

Saying that leaders are one of the factors that play a role in high performance, Vardarlıer said, “In this period of high uncertainty, the presence of strong and digital leaders is a driving factor in increasing the power of enterprises. Businesses can be successful and rise with the presence of digital leaders in this process. This is because the pandemic process changes the way they do business. Employees who can keep up with the changes also greatly increase the overall performance of the enterprises. Therefore, rewarding policies should be implemented in order to increase the performance of the employees. ” he spoke.

Vardarlıer said that along with digitalization, performance evaluation, recruitment, interview management, suggestion management, training and development management, in-house communication and employee satisfaction activities are managed more effectively and online, resulting in time and cost savings.

Artificial intelligence programs are used for recruitment

Stating that artificial intelligence systems also started to play an effective role in recruitment processes, Vardarlıer said:

“With the inclusion of artificial intelligence and robotic technologies in our lives more, recruitment, selection and placement, orientation and other routine tasks of human resources have begun to be transferred to artificial intelligence-supported digital systems. Thus, processes are managed faster and more effectively with less labor force. However, it is possible to see that artificial intelligence has very useful uses in job interviews, as it is known that artificial intelligence programs make decisions about the personnel as a result of examining the video recordings made in job interviews and the voices of the candidate’s answers to the questions asked in these video recordings.

At this point, a data set about the behaviors of the individual based on gestures and gestures is created in the video recording. As a result of the analysis performed after creating this data set, it is possible to make suggestions in the process of making a decision at the point of recruitment of the individual by determining whether the person is suitable for the job, whether he will be successful in this job, what ratio will be between his past success and his future success. It is also seen that it eliminates prejudices during the application process. “

Underlining that working remotely with the epidemic process has been made permanent by many businesses, Vardarlıer explained that in this process, concepts such as compliance, digital transformation and change management are mentioned more.

Vardarlıer continued his words as follows:

“Various human resources practices have also started to gather on a single platform and to be shaped according to the needs of the employees. When we look at the traditional working life, employees were carrying out their work under one roof. With remote work, jobs are carried out independently of time and place. This situation can affect employees psychologically and motivationally. The inability of employees to share emotions is a major deficiency.Therefore, employees expect psychological and emotional support in this process.It is possible to produce person-oriented solutions with programs such as well-planned mentoring and coaching. Support for employees in stress management, work-private life. There are solutions such as balancing the balance and even supporting their families in a pedagogical sense.In recent years, there is an issue that human resources departments have focused on a lot, ‘Happiness Management’. With the existence and function of happiness management departments, more people possible to act with focus. “

“Looking at the computer instead of the camera during the interview may cause not to be perceived seriously by the other party”

Vardarlıer, who also advised the candidates to interview online, listed the following suggestions:

“Candidates should have installed the necessary programs (such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype) on any platform (such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype) on their computers at least 1 hour before the interview time, they should be able to use these programs well and check whether the camera is working. In order to avoid any problems during the interview. The physical conditions of the room where the job interview will take place are also very important. It is beneficial for the candidates to take precautions against the sounds that may come from the background. Since the sounds of television, children or pets will hinder the interview, it is necessary to attend the interview in places where such sounds will not come. Attention should be paid to keep the notification sounds that may come from the phone and other electronic devices off.

Although online interviews are conducted within the comfort of the home or the candidates, the choice of professional clothing is an important factor in terms of first impression. Looking at the computer instead of the camera during the interview may not be perceived seriously by the other party. Therefore, looking at the camera while talking helps to create a more professional perception. Finally, it is useful to have the CV in a place easily accessible by the candidate. In this way, precautions are taken against the possibility of forgetting the information written in the resume.

With the Virtual Interview, which is a system that uses gamification dynamics that I developed as part of the Istanbul Medipol University Scientific research project, it is possible for the candidates to be more successful in the interview processes. Virtual Interview is a simulation system that allows users to experience job interviews via web application. All kinds of information that can support candidates such as being prepared for the questions that may arise during the job interview, and the dos and don’ts before and during the interview are included in this platform with the ‘Virtual Interview’.