Applications for university students research project competitions continue

Applications for university students research project competitions continue. The competition, whose applications continue until June 25, encourages associate and undergraduate students studying at universities to do research through projects.

There are 9 different categories for research projects that will make a difference.

Infrastructure, security, management, etc., in order to solve the problems of the cities and increase the living standards of the people of the city. projects aiming to develop accessible, effective, efficient and safe transportation systems with smart solutions developed in SMART CITIES and TRANSPORTATION,

Information security, cloud computing, big data analytics, e-learning technologies, mobile applications, robotic and mechatronic systems, modeling and simulation, internet of things, semantic web technologies, artificial intelligence, sensor technologies, e-commerce etc. for projects on INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES,

Innovative and applicable ideas in the field of education and technological ideas that will provide equal opportunity in education and projects aiming to develop existing educational materials will compete. EDUCATION,

Projects for the solution of environmental problems that hinder sustainable development, energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, storage technologies, etc. in the topics ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT,

Increasing rural development and competitiveness; facilitating the production and access to adequate and safe food; reducing food waste and loss; for projects aiming to develop new systems for the processing, preservation and storage of food FOOD and AGRICULTURE,

Robotics and mechatronics, machine design and manufacturing technologies, automation and control systems, advanced material technologies, hybrid and electric vehicle technologies, new generation motor technologies, etc. projects under the headings of MACHINERY MANUFACTURING and AUTOMOTIVE,

For projects that aim to develop new and accessible products, methods and devices for medical diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, and to improve existing conditions by producing solutions to the problems of the health system HEALTH,

Aiming to meet the needs of national security and to ensure the technological independence of our country in the defense, aviation and space sectors; satellite, communication, remote sensing, data processing, sensor technologies, defense informatics, weapons and ammunition technologies, etc. for innovative and applicable projects developed in the fields DEFENSE, SPACE and AVIATION,

Innovative ideas for solving social problems; With entrepreneurial ideas that will contribute to development and employment, human rights, migration, disaster management, poverty, etc. projects aiming to create social change in SOCIAL INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP categories are among the University Students Research Project Competitions.

Associate or undergraduate students studying in Turkey and the TRNC at the time of application can participate in the competition. Applications for the competition, which can be attended individually or in teams of maximum three students, are made online. The application deadline is 25 June 2021.

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