Applications for TÜBA-TEKNOFEST Doctorate Science Awards have started

Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) President Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Sugar, a written statement, that increases the speed every day in the world’s scientific work, said Turkey also said that all these development and exchange of experience.

Emphasizing that TEKNOFEST, which has an international brand value in its field, continues its success by pushing all boundaries, Şeker said, “Together with TEKNOFEST, we are experiencing how the synergy arising from the unity of the young people has turned into an effect.” found the assessment.

Şeker pointed out that as TÜBA, they want young people to compete in thematic new strategic titles at the academic level as well as the works they produce in practice and practice.

“Turkey’s scientific and overall in line with the appreciation and the goal of improving the acceptance of the importance of science for development, to honor the people outstanding achievements in science and to reward, encourage scientific research and science and humanity, we are moving Turkey with its mission to assist in the formulation of science policy taking into account national priorities. We know that among the priorities of TEKNOFEST, which we have been a stakeholder of since 2019, technology and design, information and communication technologies, the fields of social sciences including international relations, development policies, educational approaches, security policies of the National Technology Move. mentioned at the Science award last areas we construct to reward Turkey-based post doctoral theses. artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous systems, robotics and mechatronic systems, modeling and simulation technology, energy, hybrid and electric vehicle technology Scientists can submit their applications individually until May 28, with theses written in 2018-2019-2020 on topics such as technologies for air, air, space and unmanned underwater systems, cyber security and cryptology, education, health, agriculture and ecology technologies and biotechnology. members, YÖK, TÜBİTAK, TÜSEB and university rectors. “

Stating that the applications will be made digitally, Şeker stated that the candidates can access detailed information on the subject on the TÜBA website.

30 thousand lira prize for the first

Within the scope of the award, doctoral theses made on subjects that are among the priority areas of TEKNOFEST will be subjected to scientific evaluation processes. At the end of the processes, the author of the first thesis will be awarded 30 thousand, the second 25 thousand and the third 20 thousand lira monetary awards.

Applications must be sent to the address “[email protected]” by e-mail and digitally to the address of “Bayraktar Mahallesi Vedat Dalokay Caddesi No: 112 Çankaya / Ankara” by e-mail.