Apple’s radical decision was punished!

There are echoes of Apple’s desire to sell both the headset and the charging adapter separately from now on.

The company did not include the charging adapter and the headset in the box of the iPhone 12 series, which it introduced last year.

In other words, a person who bought an iPhone 12 had to purchase the charging adapter and headset separately.

The decision, which became one of the most talked about topics in social media in a short time, brought many reactions.

Apple’s decision, it seems, continues to give the company a headache.

Brazil fined the US-based company for not including charging accessories in the box.

In the statement made, it was underlined that this decision by Apple was in conflict with the consumer rights law in the country.

The court sentenced Apple to approximately $ 2 million.

South Korea-based Samsung, which did not put a charger in the box of the Galaxy S21 series, was also stuck in the same rule in the country.

The company had found the solution by placing the charging adapter in the box during the pre-order process.